Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies, established in 1939, is internationally active in the development and manufacturing of custom-made rubber and plastic components and assemblies.

Helvoet’s competitive advantage lies in developing and manufacturing complete functional modules for a number of product groups in various application areas. For assembled products, the application of innovative rubber, plastic and assembly technology plays a prominent role. Most products delivered by Helvoet are narrow-tolerance items requiring high-level process control.

Medical manufacturing and development expertise

Due to many decades of experience, Helvoet has accumulated unique expertise and knowledge of product development and various production processes for rubber and plastic products, for instance as a supplier to the automotive industry. Optimal process control is central to Helvoet, especially for very large series, since the products made by Helvoet often have a safety function. Therefore reliability is key to our customers.

Helvoet has been active in the field of medical manufacturing and development for over 50 years.

Quality is key. Continuous improvement programmes as such as Customer Care, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma ensure optimum processes and a constant focus on cost and quality.
One of Helvoet’s clean room moulding and assembly facilities.
Helvoet custom-designed precision LSR components.
Helvoet’s Delphi screener is a biomedical invention which offers women an alternative to the current screening methods for cervical cancer.
Helvoet syringes are designed to perform under the most critical conditions.

Additionally, due to a structured product and market approach, a deep level of knowledge and experience within specific fields of application is essential. Fields of application where innovative brain power is a pre-condition for further growth and development demand a flexible organisation, combined with functional know-how and knowledge of development and process. That is what Helvoet can offer you.

Rubber and plastic pharmaceutical packaging

We supply custom-designed pharmaceutical packaging and complex rubber and plastic assemblies.

We have various cleanroom facilities and experience with manufacturing rubber, plastic and assemblies for cartridges, cassettes, dosers, blood testers, syringes, plugs, and other diagnostic and drug delivery systems.

Cleanroom production of rubber and plastic medical components

Increasingly, cleanliness and particle demands require us to use clean technology to produce our products. Helvoet has various concepts of clean and cleanroom technology in which we produce products with ever-increasing demands on cleanliness.

In Lommel (Belgium), Helvoet is able to manufacture injection moulded lenses, mirrors, polygons, with or without reflective coatings, with extreme accuracy. The largest area we currently support is in the manufacture of precision reflectors for the bar code scanning industry. Our cleanroom also enables us to supply products with demanding cleanliness requirements. Application areas include reflective mirrors, standard lenses, and fuel system components.

Plastic injection moulded parts

In Hellevoetsluis (the Netherlands), we are able to manufacture plastic injection moulded parts whereby the main market we support is the veterinary sector. We supply syringes in all different kind of shapes and sizes whereby we not only deliver the parts but we also print and assemble them. All raw materials used are supplied to us with Pharmacopoeia certificates and if required we outsource the gamma irradiation process as well.

Development and production of medical packaging, disposables and devices

In Tilburg (the Netherlands), the expertise of Helvoet is focused on product development and production for a.o. medical packaging, disposables and devices. The company is specialised in high-volume, precision injection moulding and the related high-speed assembly and filling of components to produce a complete product in the cleanest environment. Recent innovations include products manufactured from moisture or CO2-absorbing polymers or products that incorporate RFID technology.

Syringes for veterinarians – pharmaceutical packaging

One of the products Helvoet supplies to the pharmaceutical market are syringes that are filled with antibiotic cream or other medicine. A syringe looks like a pretty simple dosing device but the demands are extremely high. Helvoet has developed syringes that meet these demands in a growing and important segment of our life today.

The syringe must be suitable to preserve pharmaceutical medicines which can be spoiled. For use in a veterinary environment the injectors must be irradiated with gamma rays and the plastic must be able to withstand the gamma rays. The sealing properties of the injectors need to be excellent to guarantee a sterile, non-leaking device with a shelf life of more than two years.

For the user, and also for the animal it is applied to, the syringe needs to perform under the most extreme conditions. Easy removal of the cap and plastic without any burrs are a minimum requirement to offer the veterinarian an easy to use product.

Helvoet has designed syringes that meet all requirements and with optimum re-produceability by using our knowledge on:

  • Material technology
  • Process technology
  • Mould design
  • Production environment

At our state-of-the-art facilities in the Netherlands and Belgium the syringes are produced in cleanroom conditions. All syringes are designed to meet your requirements and fulfil the function required, including printing and irradiation.

Contact us with your request; we can design and produce your product and support you in creating a competitive advantage in your markets.