ixmation is one of the leading worldwide providers for assembly and testing automation systems. We provide high-quality tailored solutions with full operations capabilities and support – all from one source – to cover the entire manufacturing process. ixmation creates a vibrant hub for our customers to share a professional experience and convey their assembly technology needs into automation systems.

Assembly automation systems

With four companies worldwide – including the US, Malaysia, two locations in China and its headquarters in Switzerland – 400 ixmation professionals and specialists are developing and building custom-tailored assembly automation for parts and devices in the worldwide medical industries.

Custom-made assembly and testing automation systems

Ixmation meets its customers’ high level of expectations regarding quality, precision, productivity and flexibility, providing custom-made, economical equipment solutions.

Engineering standards and regulatory concerns are best evaluated in the early stages of the project. Regulatory concerns are reviewed in our initial planning phase.

ECG (electrocardiography) sensor assembly automation and test machine. Various processes to produce the sensor, from cutting, forming, dispensing, assembling and ultrasonic welding to continuity testing and accept / reject.
A titanium tube 0.018in (0.457mm) in diameter is fixtured for a circumferential seam weld. The assembly is filled with a radioactive isotope for use in nuclear medicine treatments.
Integrated laser welding and vision control system in an ixmation automated assembly for medical applications.
The 'Revolution' is a standard format cell, here simulating the assembly of a needle to a syringe. In reality the disposable syringe is assembled, sterilised, labelled and packed in a second.
Turn-table rotary dial for a drug delivery device.

ixmation conforms to many standards, such as GAMP and other validation-related processes. Over the last decade ixmation has established strong foundations for engineering services in the market of medical device manufacturing.

Medical device manufacturing systems

With a dedicated focus on quality, we continue to design and build efficient medical device manufacturing systems that satisfy our customers’ needs. Confidential development and state-of-the-art solutions for this industry are what we demand from ourselves every day for medical device manufacturing.

Thoughtful and wise process and material flow are the foundation for our efficient system layouts. ixmation provides the value manufacturing edge that our customers are looking for. Our medical device manufacturing solutions are FDA-validated and are an everyday practice at ixmation.

Assembly automation for medical device manufacturing

Our experience and know-how in assembly technology for medical device manufacturing starts from tiny devices like nuclear implants for cancer therapy.

The implant assembly consists of a radioactive copper wire inserted into a titanium tube, followed by. Titanium end caps are hermetically welded on to the ends of the tube. The outside diameter of the tube is 0.032in (0.08mm) and the length is 0.176in (4.5mm).

ixmation further provides assembly automation for disposable syringes, ECG sensor pads, blood collectors, inhalers, complex drug delivery devices like insulin pumps, PEEP valves, filters, and diagnostic devices, which may be made from dissimilar materials.

ixmation is your expert for assembly automation in the field of medical device manufacturing worldwide.