Following the board decision in November 2009 Kitron will establish a manufacturing unit in China, with a lease agreement with Nordic Industrial Park for a new electronic factory in Ningbo. The contract is for five years and covers more than 4,000m² of space. The factory is planned to be up and running during Q3 2010, and comes as a consequence of meeting global customer demand.

In December 2009 Kitron made another strategic step by entering the largest-growing electronic manufacturing services (EMS) market within Europe – it acquired a German EMS company, signing a share purchase agreement to acquire 100% of the shares in VERU Electronic, making it a fully owned German subsidiary of Kitron. The German entity will market the total value chain of Kitron and be the local centre for new products introduction (NPI) and small series manufacturing in Germany. For larger series manufacturing Kitron will offer its facilities in Lithuania and later on in China as low-cost alternatives, while the facilities in Scandinavia will be offered for high-complexity products.

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