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Handling / Packaging Machines for the Medical Device Industry

Körber, a division of Körber Medipak Systems, NA, offers contemporary, automated packaging and handling equipment for the medical device industry.

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Körber, a division of Körber Medipak Systems, NA, offers contemporary, automated packaging and handling equipment for the medical device industry.

Körber delivers flexible solutions, creative designs and approachable customer service to surpass consumer expectations while offering enhanced quality, efficiency, and reliability.

Top-Load Cartoners

Our top-load cartoner forms a wide range of carton types within a fully automated, servo-driven system. The design provides rapid production while ensuring a high level of quality. The cartons are formed from flats which maximise magazine capacity and minimise raw materials cost when compared to pre-glued cartons.

The robotic loading uses tooling which is specially designed for each application. Rapid change tooling offers quick changeover between the product and carton sizes to minimise downtime.

Our certified Blister Accumulator / Sleever can gather sleeve inbound blisters.
Our top-load cartoner forms various kinds of cartons in a fully integrated, servo-driven system.
We offer flexible results, original designs and friendly customer service to exceed client expectations.
Our company has been delivering original product handling and packaging solutions for the medical industry for over 25 years.
The Thermoformer machine is designed to meet precise requirements of the medical device industry.

Thermoformer: Designed to Meet Your Needs

Körber’s Thermoformer is designed to meet the specific requirements of the medical device industry through customised packaging.

Ever-changing demands in the medical industry necessitate flexible solutions. Our thermoformer is designed for near 100% efficiency and runtime. It can also be custom-designed to fit the needs of each business.

Seamless Integration Between Equipment

The thermoformer and cartoner are designed to work together and create seamless operation to meet demands for the medical device industry. The thermoformer can change freely between rigid and flexible blisters and easily accommodate additional formats and re-tools. All parameters are tracked throughout the packaging process, giving full quality control.

In addition, the cartoner is easily integrated with the thermoformer, giving you a full turn-key packaging solution. The cartoner’s process starts with the forming of carton flats. The system then forms, loads, closes, labels, and check-weighs all cartons, before releasing them to downstream operations.

Furthermore, each machine can be customised with additional options such as leaflet insertion, printing, or inspection. The option to customise a machine, allows any company to create a system that fits their unique requirements.

Together, the Thermoformer and Cartoner become one, providing seamless operation to meet the industry needs and produce exceptional results for any company.

Körber Life Cycle Service

After an order is placed, customers have several opportunities for design input and customisations. Körber offers comprehensive services to develop FAT, SAT, IQ/OQ/PQ, training, and operation documentation. Once the equipment is complete, Körber’s talented technicians who assembled the machine will set-up and start the equipment at the customer’s site.

Once the equipment is operational, our technicians will provide training to your operators. Any after-sale service is handled through our Körber headquarters, creating a smooth experience and exceptional customer service.

About Körber

Körber delivers the difference. With over 125 years of in-depth pharmaceutical technology expertise, we truly understand the process and regulation challenges you face day by day, from the beginning to the end of your production.

This is why we offer a unique portfolio of integrated solutions, spanning consultancy, inspection, handling, packaging machines and materials, track and trace, and software. We offer you everything you need to unlock the potential of your productivity and your business.

In a sector that is subject to strict safety and regulatory standards and is reliant on the continual optimisation of production, you are looking for a partner who can provide substantial support. And that’s exactly what we do.

As your personal partner, as a system integrator, a service provider, and a product vendor, we boost your reliability and your productivity. In the process, we rely on our dedicated people, our global footprint, and our decades of software and hardware expertise in the pharmaceuticals sector.

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