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Laser Systems for Metal, Glass and Plastic Medical Equipment

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Lasea provides reliable, efficient, turnkey laser-based systems for the medical industry and serves world-class companies (such as GSK, Aseptic Technologies, Baxter and Orfit Industries) and widely known research centres (such as ESA, Centre Spatial de Liège and Multitel). Lasea’s systems are installed in Europe but also in the US, Australia, India, Mexico and many other countries.

Lasea is specialised in laser applications, particularly laser plastic welding, laser marking, and micromachining. Lasea is your partner for expertise, OEM and turnkey systems, and online integration.

Thanks to application laboratories equipped with more than 15 laser sources and three robots, Lasea is ready to find and validate, for you and with you, the best technical solution for a quick return on investment.

Packaging laser marking

Regulatory information is market-specific but using the required multiple covers and stickers adds to the logistic complexity. Laser marking is becoming more and more popular to replace inkjet printing, thermo transfer, and preprinted stickers, thus helping to reduce idle times. Most metals and plastics can be marked with a laser, without requiring the addition of pigments or special additives. Lasea proposes its fibre and CO2 lasers for primary packaging, as well as for secondary packaging (boxes, labels, etc.) with an on-the-fly marking system: a quick, environment-friendly and cost-saving solution.

Laser marking of surgical instruments on a very small surface (down to 1.5mm²).
Laser marking on transparent materials: the glass integrity is preserved.
Plastic welding on vials.
Plastic parts assembling.
Marking on transparent material.

Surgical instrument marking

Laser marking of surgical instruments with a DataMatrix® for identification is easy, quick, and certainly the most popular way to keep track of all items. Lasea has developed a dedicated tabletop workstation and vision system for hospitals to permanently mark their instruments. Together with a dedicated database, the system automatically applies the right marking parameters to each given instrument.

Laser plastic welding and sealing

Laser plastic welding is at the cutting edge of assembly technologies for plastics. High precision, perfect process control, high joint strength, clean room production, 3D welding (welding in 3D), minimal thermal effect on parts and guaranteed airtight sealing are just a few advantages that should make you consider this technology for the assembly of your plastic medical devices. Thanks to our outstanding knowledge of plastic materials (PS, PC, COC, PP, PMMA, etc.) and our experience in optical design, beam delivery, Lasea is an ideal partner for plastic assembly issues.

Marking of transparent materials

The use of a femtosecond laser to write codes into glass and transparent materials has been patented by Lasea and gave birth to the TRACKINSIDE® company. The short laser pulses produced by the femtosecond laser are the perfect solution to mark the glass under the surface without producing microcracks or adding anything that could contaminate the content. The technology is perfect for DataMatrix serialisation of syringes and vials at up to 600 codes per minute. Our mark and read system can be deployed in any industrial environment together with the vial and syringes transport system.

Micromachining with ultra-short pico and femtosecond lasers

A large range of medical tools require very high precision machining and no thermal degradation, for perfect quality results.

The systems developed by Lasea are dedicated to bring this technology to the medical world for engraving (on and under the surface) and micromachining applications such as:

  • Microfluidic device machining (microreactor, lab-on-a-chip)
  • Medical part machining (endoprosthesis, stents)

Ultra short pulse micromachining guarantees high-quality results without damaging surrounding areas. The pulses are so short that thermal diffusion is negligible and surrounding matter is not affected. That accounts for the perfect results.

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