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Metal and Plastic Components for Medical Devices

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Metal and Plastic Components for Medical Devices

LK Precision Parts manufactures metal and plastic components, with complex geometries, strict tolerances and exacting requirements in terms of precision, for medical devices.

The company’s technical expertise, alongside its considerable flexibility and cutting-edge technology, means it can handle even the most challenging productions.

Medical components produced with accuracy and precision

The components LK Precision Parts manufactures are employed throughout the medical technology industry, which consistently requires optimal performance.

Therefore, accuracy and precision are the core of all the company’s production processes so clients can remain confident that their products will arrive as required.

Metal and plastic components from concept to finished product

LK Precision Parts follows the manufacturing process throughout the entire chain from the initial concept stage to completion. By being a consistent part of the process, the company guarantees seamless production to assure we comply with all client requirements and expectations.

LK Precision Parts’ proprietary process system product lifetime unified production path (PLUPP) ensures product progress from prototype stage to mass production seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Product development for medical devices

LK Precision Parts’ production focuses on small and medium runs that demand absolute precision.

Client preferences and requirements are a constant focus, and the company takes on assignments ranging from assisting with product development to prototyping and full-scale production.

Its services include:

  • Labelling, cleaning and packaging
  • Warehousing
  • Manual processing
  • Assembly
  • Measuring room services
  • Production
  • Preparation
  • Tool production
  • Material expertise
  • Product development
  • Project management

Quality and sustainability assurance

LK Precision Parts works according to environmental and quality standards throughout the complete manufacturing process.

Furthermore, the company’s self-imposed requirements often exceed relevant regulations and legislation, as it continually strives to improve quality and minimise its environmental impact in all fields.

Accurate, cutting-edge machining capabilities

Since its establishment in 1984, LK Precision Parts has been manufacturing industrial components for sectors that demand pinpoint precision, as well as high performance. Its clients include renowned global medical technology companies and small high-tech businesses.

LK Precision Parts takes on roles from end-to-end assignments, involved from the concept stage, to small-scale productions and product development consulting.

Using advanced machining, the company creates highly robust tolerance chains to ensure performance in each end product.

About LK Precision Parts

LK Precision Parts is part of the XANO Group, which develops, acquires, and operates specialised engineering businesses that offer manufacturing and development services for automation equipment and industrial products.

Since 1988, XANO has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

High-Performance Medical Systems

In the medical technology industry, every detail of the equipment must function optimally so as not to endanger human life and health. Extreme accuracy and precision are therefore crucial in the production process. Maquet’s renewed trust year after year we see as a proof that we have the ability to deliver at the absolute highest quality level.

LK Precision Parts

Fräsarvägen 22

142 50 Skogås