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Micro-Electronics and Integrated Semiconductor Devices


Melexis Microelectronic Integrated Systems designs, develops, tests and markets advanced integrated semiconductor devices for automotive, medical and industrial applications. At Melexis our mission is to provide innovative micro-electronics for our customers’ challenges with a passion for achieving mutual success.

ICs and IC sensor technologies

Our core experience is derived from more than 15 years supplying ICs to the automotive electronics market. Melexis works closely with its customers to deliver greener, more environmentally friendly automotive systems and technology. Reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions result directly from improvements in IC and IC sensor technologies created by Melexis. It is from this experience that other electronic markets, like the medical market, can benefit from the qualitative products of Melexis.

Mixed signal semiconductors, sensor ICs and programmable sensor IC systems

For over 15 years, our customers have inspired us to create, manufacture and deliver advanced mixed signal semiconductors, sensor ICs and programmable sensor IC systems. Working with stringent quality expectations, hostile operating conditions and aggressive economic targets demanded by our automotive customers, Melexis has developed the capability to produce world class, value driven, innovative products.

Application-specific standard products (ASSPs) and application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs)

Melexis continues to concentrate on the development of application-specific standard products (ASSPs). These ICs are Melexis solutions that are within every customer’s reach. Integrating existing components allows Melexis to create chipsets for completely new applications.

Melexis offers a wide range of products that fit medical applications.
The RFID Sensortag monitors the temperature of fresh goods when transported.
The Melexis digital, plug and play infrared temperature sensor can fit many medical applications.
Melexis infrared temperature sensors fit in very small applications and can even be built into a mobile phone.
The flexibility of Melexis' sensor interfaces makes them ideal for a broad range of applications.

Our application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) partners continue to recognize the value of engaging Melexis for their proprietary, sole source mixed signal solutions. Melexis takes pride in being a fully active team member in the definition, design and delivery of an ASIC. Innovative, progressive solutions at the schematic level and throughout the program life make the difference.

Melexis has an integrated management system that complies with the strict conditions of ISO / TS 16949:2002, including the Semiconductor Commodity. Moreover, our company has been recognized for its commitment to respecting the natural environment with an ISO 14001 certification.

Pressure sensors, sensor interfaces, RFID sensor tags and infrared temperature sensors

Melexis’ product range is divided into four divisions: sensors, optoelectronics, wireless and actuators. Many of the products can fit perfectly into medical applications, like our pressure sensors, sensor interfaces, RFID sensor tags and infrared temperature sensors, to mention just a few.

Melexis infrared temperature sensors are by far the best sensors to measure temperature. Of course, fever thermometers are the most common application, but many others can make use of the digital, plug and play, infrared temperature sensors of Melexis: heart rate and blood pressure monitors, glucose monitors, SpOx sensors (for measuring oxygen level in the blood), EKG monitors, respiratory devices, dialysis equipment and many more.

In specialized hospital equipment it is important to have a temperature measurement facility included, be it for body temperature measurement or for temperature measurement of bio-reagents needed to achieve accurate results. Again, the IR sensors fit perfectly.

Press Releases

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