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myLiquitab Homecare Pack and Flavouring

The myLiquitab Homecare Pack is a replenishment pack that provides support for the myLiquitab unit.

The pack contains 30 disposable beakers, a stirring paddle for the unit that helps disperse medications in the liquid inside the beaker, and a measuring scoop to measure the recommended 6g of flavouring per serve.

In addition to the Homecare Pack, the myLiquitab flavouring comes in a 550g pack, which is enough to support one user for a month.

The myLiquitab flavouring has been specifically developed to not just flavour the liquid but to provide a masking agent to minimise the bitter taste of medications. It has also been specifically designed to be used with the myLiquitab Unit. It has been tested and has no effect on the medication.

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