Many millions of people around the world suffer from dysphagia, a condition that makes swallowing difficult. For these people swallowing solid medications can be almost impossible.

Dysphagia can affect people of all ages and for a variety of different reasons, including stroke, head or neck injuries; Parkinson’s disease; motor neurone disease (MND) and muscle problems. It can often occur in people who do not realise they have a medical condition.

It is estimated that more than 45% of people over the age of 65 have some form of swallowing difficulty.

Until now, the only solutions for those finding it difficult to swallow solid medications has been:

  • Pharmaceutically prepared liquid medications, which are more expensive to produce and have a shorter shelf life
  • Crushing solid medications, which is usually performed in a mortar and pestle, an arduous task that produces varying outcomes, particle sizes and potential substantial loss of active ingredients

myLiquitab overcomes all of these problems by using a patented ultrasound technology to break down solid medications and to finely disperse them into 50ml of water.

myLiquitab® produces an on-demand liquid dose at a fraction of the cost of pharmaceutically prepared liquid medications. Further to this, myLiquitab produces a proprietary flavouring that is specifically designed to mask the bitter taste of medications. This flavouring has been tested not to change the pharmacokinetics (PK), and makes taking medications a more pleasant experience.

The myLiquitab technology is Australian-owned. The myLiquitab system comprises the Homecare Unit, which is powered by 240V. Medications are placed in a disposable beaker and 50ml of water and 6g of flavouring is added. The beaker is placed in the unit and the cycle is started. Depending on the medication type, the unit will take a few minutes to break down the medication and finely disperse into the liquid. The ultrasonics have no effect on the drug PK. Once fully dispersed, the patient can consume the liquid medication.

The myLiquitab Homecare Pack is a replenishment pack that provides support for the myLiquitab Unit. This pack contains 30 disposable beakers, a stirring paddle for the unit that helps disperse medications in the liquid inside the beaker, and a measuring scoop to measure the recommended 6gms of flavouring per serve. In addition to the Homecare Pack, the myLiquitab flavouring comes in a 550g pack, which is enough to support one user for a month.

The myLiquitab flavouring has been specifically developed to not just flavour the liquid but to provide a masking agent to minimise the bitter taste of medications. It has also been specifically designed to be used with the myLiquitab Unit. It has been tested and has no effect on the medication.

myLiquitab is now available for purchase

myLiquitab Homecare is available for sale in Australia and New Zealand with the launch of myLiquitab’s online store.

As an introductory offer, and for a limited time, the myLiquitab Unit is on sale for $100 off the recommended retail price (RRP) and is listed at A$499. It is also offered with a free Homecare Pack and 550g of chocolate flavouring (valued at A$49RRP), providing enough consumables for a month’s use.

Purchases will also be shipped for free in Australia and New Zealand for a limited time.

myLiquitab offers a 12-month product warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.