Air Pressure Regulators and Controllers for Medical Tubing

On Line Controls is an industry-leading manufacturer of air pressure regulators and controllers used in the free extrusion of medical, catheter, single lumen, multi-lumen, bump, multilayer and taper tubing.

The company’s MicroAir air pressure controller holds air pressure to a set point, even after a cut or the spooling of tubing.

Designed to provide the most accurate air pressure regulation for medical, catheter and automotive plastic tubing manufacturers, On Line Controls’ units offer staple, repeatable, precise and consistent pressure for maintaining critical dimensions during a tubing extrusion run.

Air pressure regulators and controllers for medical tubing

MicroAir is available in three models – MicroAir I, MicroAir II and MicroAir IV. MicroAir I is a manual ultra-low pressure regulator with a ten-turn knob.

The MicroAir II air pressure controller accepts contact closure via up / down inputs for an overdrive (OD) gauge or other extrusion equipment. The product comes with up / down manual control dual-speed pushbuttons, three internal screw terminals (up / down / ground), and up, down and limit indicators.

MicroAir IV is a high-speed programmable low-pressure air controller with 0V-10V input from a programmable logic controller (PLC) or controller, with dual pre-set switching for bump and taper tubing. The product is also complete with a ten-turn manual control potentiometer, linear state control, and dual state control via high-speed motorized switching.

Single, dual or triple-channel MicroAir I, II and IV models and four-channel MicroAir IV’s are available for multi-lumen tubing. Options available include digital display, voltage or current outputs for closed-loop control, a stand (the US only), and a remote-control unit for the MicroAir II.

Air regulators with lowest pressure range

On Line Controls offers some of the lowest pressure ranges of any air regulators in the market. The company can regulate accurately and hold stability down to ranges below one inch of water – Range 0-3in of water.

The maximum scale is between 0-5psi. Meters are available in psi, inches of water, millibars and kilopascal.

Air pressure regulator and controller manufacture and sale

On Line Controls sells directly to its customers from its new Shrewsbury Massachusetts facility and through extruder original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The company’s products are manufactured in the US and delivered worldwide.

The company responds quickly to customer servicing needs. While the fundamental body design of On Line Controls’ MicroAirs improves each year, it maintains the same outer look and ease of use, with new units redesigned internally to give more exceptional precision and stability.

Plastic tubing engineers can expect the company’s MicroAirs to be the most accurate, reliable and precise pressure regulators available for their extrusion lines.

Recalibration or spare parts are generally not needed as the company’s MicroAir models have a life-span of ten to 25 years. Most are never returned for repairs or service, as On Line Controls uses only the highest quality parts, so return on investment is always guaranteed.

Motorized potentiometers

In 1999, On Line Controls purchased the precision motorized potentiometer line. Production started in early 2000 for these dependable high precision proportional controls for automating analogue-driven devices.

On Line Controls can repair or replicate most old electric valve actuators (ETI) systems motorized potentiometers built in the 1980s and 1990s. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, their life expectancy is at least ten to 20 years.

The company builds its motorized potentiometer and motorized rheostats with the highest quality potentiometers, and motors are available, with dependability and reliability built into every unit.

About On Line Controls

On Line Controls is based in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, US.  Established in 1980, the company name comes from its products previously used on plastic tubing extrusion lines before computers and the internet.

Since 2007, its primary focus is on its MicroAir and motorized potentiometer lines, making vast improvements in the quality of both products. One Line Controls has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality reliable products sold worldwide.