Ophir has announced the 3A-PF-12 thermal power/energy laser measurement sensor for short pulsed lasers.

Part of the 3A-P family of laser sensors that measure power up to 3W, the 3A-PF-12 is an ultra sensitive sensor that can measure power from as low as 15μW up to 3W and energies from as low as 20μJ to 2J.

The new sensor replaces the P type absorber with the high damage threshold PF type, giving it the industry’s highest energy density damage threshold for repetitive pulses.

Designed for use with YAG and its harmonics and excimer lasers, the 3A-PF-12 is a thermal power / energy sensor with low noise of 4μW and low drift of 5 μW – 30μW.

It delivers the highest energy density damage threshold in the industry of up to 1.5J/cm2 for repetitive ns pulses. The sensor features a 12mm aperture and broad wavelength range of 0.15μm – 20μm.