We are pleased to announce that TECHNOPARK Luzern invited us, one of four start-ups, to present at the Talk Plus on Fighting Corona.

Founder and CEO of ProByLas, Dr Ulrich Gubler, presented our company’s approach and technology used in the fight against Covid-19 by means of the “Lab on a Chip” point-of-care (POC) virus test and the bespoke cartridges our proprietary machines and software are able to produce. The technology used is based on special lasers to weld plastic. “Lab on a Chip” is comparable to miniature laboratories at the size of a credit card, enabling rapid turnaround times and tests results well below an hour as compared to the broadly applied laboratory tests requiring a day and more until results are obtained.

Ulrich Gubler outlined the market dynamics, the very staggering demand our company is recording from various domestic and international clients, the massive global supply shortfalls in excess of 20x vs. demand, and the market outlook for POC tests. ProByLas’ plastic laser welding technology offers considerable advantages vs commonly applied production technologies such as>10x higher output capacities, highest purity, precision and last but not least substantially lower investment and maintenance costs.

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