Improved Inventory Controls at Protomatic Meet AS9100 and ISO:13485 Standards - Verdict Medical Devices
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Improved Inventory Controls at Protomatic Meet AS9100 and ISO:13485 Standards

Protomatic is planning a new stocking system for raw material inventory.

Some of the changes are driven by exceeding requirements for material traceability and vendor controls from AS9100 and ISO:13485 standards.

Protomatic vice-president Doug Wetzel said: "We need improved inventory software and new storage racking to support our raw material inventory programme.

"It sounds simple, but those small changes can have profound performance results for the long-term."

The project, which will improve organisation, started in December 2014.

The organisation system in use is based on the 5S Workplace Organisation Method (SORT, SET-IN-ORDER, SHINE, STANDARDISE and SUSTAIN).

Improved organisation using 5S techniques will:

  • Optimise material resources
  • Double storage volume by moving from 6ft racks to 12ft racks to optimise floor space
  • Improve cost control through better monitoring of inventory
  • Bring improved safety from increased rack strength
  • Eliminate double orders of material by using available stock
  • Allow acquisition of on-hand stock faster
  • Improve batch, lot and heat control of raw material
  • Improve material security
  • Monitor vendors with better cost and lot control

This programme is an enhancement to the current system, which exceeds ISO standards.

For example, confirming incoming metal alloys with x-ray fluorescence (XRF) illustrates a continued commitment to the highest standards of quality assurance.

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