Rohwedder offers sophisticated automation solutions to meet the needs of global medical industries. Whether it is for toothbrushes, blood dialysers, contact lenses, inhalers, blood plasma pumps or detector tubes, Rohwedder builds high-performance assembly systems that are both modular and expandable.

We use our extensive engineering know-how to provide state-of-the-art technology that delivers a high return on investment. At Rohwedder we are innovators who set future trends in the automation industry. Our long-term supplier partnerships, together with the ability to choose the most appropriate technology, guarantee optimal results.

Customised assembly lines for medical device applications

Rohwedder assembly lines are highly customised to individual requirements. We combine our experience with intense customer involvement to develop systems and processes that match the latest technology with customers’ manufacturing needs. This joint approach results in innovative solutions and customers who come back to Rohwedder time and time again.

We have decades of experience in developing and implementing sophisticated assembly solutions.

A customised automatic assembly line for medical devices.
AMS – an efficient line-management software system.
MicRohCell® compact – for semi or fully automatic assembly of precise products.
MicRohCell® modular – for assembly of high volumes of medical devices.
Rohwedder vision inspection system.

High-quality assembly systems

At Rohwedder, strict compliance with product quality and safety standards is an integral part of our success. Our process management system and ongoing internal auditing ensure the excellent level of quality that our customers have come to expect of us. This strong commitment to quality is carried through to the shop-floor as well as in dealings with our suppliers and contractors.

In keeping with our commitment to quality, Rohwedder is DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified. Transparent and efficient workflows as well as motivated and dedicated employees guarantee that Rohwedder customers can rely on a high level of quality.

Compact platforms for accurate positioning of components

MicRohCell® compact platforms are flexible, cost-effective, semi or fully automatic assembly cells for components which demand high position-accuracy. The capability to interchange the complete assembly table (MicRohFlex®) in the shortest possible time gives you the opportunity to react instantaneously to changes in customer orders. The base machine’s precision gantries, vision and control units remain unchanged, while the easy-to-use operation ensures a quick and smooth change from one production process to the next.

High-speed micro-assembly systems

The MicRohCell® modular is the micro-assembly solution for the highest flexibility regarding quantities. Rapidly changing product demands and short product lifecycles are now also possible for large quantities. When the need for an adjustment arises during the ramp-up phase of series production, in case of a sales increase or varying or declining sales figures, you will always be able to respond adequately with the flexible MicRohCell® modular.

Reusable medical device assembly modules

A unique modular platform concept enables you to reduce product costs dramatically. You can install or remove up to eight process modules for assembling, testing and handling plug-and-play mode for product and variant changes, or you can add additional identical modules during the ramp-up phases. This flexible principle of reusable modules helps you to reduce your product costs and enables a rapid time to market.

Rohwedder can offer additional benefits and services, including:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Test rigs
  • Design according to GMP
  • Clean-room technology
  • Guaranteed productivity
  • Software according to CFR 21 Part 11
  • Documentation including IQ and DQ
  • Preparation for your validation

Splicing, handling, application labelling and testing

Rohwedder also has experience in the following applications:

  • Splicing: pressing in, bonding, screwing, ultrasonic welding, laser welding, heat caulking
  • Handling: feeding, assembling, packaging, storing, palletising
  • Application labelling: dosing, filling, laser marking, ink-jet marking, thermo-transfer printing
  • Testing: leak testing, mechanical / electrical function testing, statistical process testing, digital image testing, automated data recording, traceability

Sophisticated assembly systems

Rohwedder is a general contractor with decades of experience in developing and implementing sophisticated assembly solutions. We can provide a unique spectrum of technology all from one source and worldwide on-site support for our customers, as well as references from world-class companies.