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C-Port CT® – a Successful Medical Product

SAMAPLAST AG and PHS Medical GmbH have been working together successfully for years. One successful product resulting from this collaboration is the C-Port-CT® plastic port catheter system.

The C-Port-CT is an implantable port, also for high pressure infusions and has the following product characteristics:

  • Implantable port, also for high pressure infusion
  • Pseudoelliptically shaped port chamber and bottom outlet
  • Improved flow dynamics due to optimised inner chamber geometry
  • The standard application is a computer tomography with contrast medium
  • Due to transparent septum, flushing of the port can be controlled during implantation
  • CT/MRT and tissue compatible plastic material
Sectional view of the C-Port-CT® plastic port catheter system

At the start of the project and in the course of the project implementation, the requirements determined from the design FMEA had to be integrated and implemented in the realisation concept in order to fulfil the intended use.

The following critical success factors had to be considered:

  • Connection of the outer parts by ultrasonic welding instead of thread or press fit
  • Fixation of the existing metal connector to the part and additional sealing to prevent leakage
  • Necessary freedom from burrs in the thread and sealing area
  • Internal geometry is free from sharp edges
  • Internal geometry allows complete and unobstructed drainage of liquids
  • Exterior design with homogeneous and smooth transitions and striking appearance
  • Consideration of the insertion depth and position of the needles in the septum area
  • Proof of the tightness of the complete port catheter after several thousand punctures by means of high-pressure tests
Components of the sectional view of the C-Port-CT® port catheter system

The fact that this project could finally be implemented successfully and is still established on the market today can be attributed to the solutions and mutual know-how listed below:

  • Project cooperation (project implementation and medical device approval) and exchange of know-how from the very beginning
  • Precise lubricant-free injection mould for clean room production
  • Electrical unscrewing unit for the thread in the injection mould specially developed by SAMAPLAST AG
  • Geometry specially designed by SAMAPLAST AG for the injection moulding and ultrasonic welding process
  • DOE and validation of the ultrasonic welding process
  • Puncturing programmes specially developed by SAMAPLAST AG for high-pressure tests

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