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Small Batch Production Solutions for First-Rate Metering and Dispensing


Scheugenpflug’s new preparation unit A310 TP is a profitable solution for accurate, high-quality dispensing in small production batches.

Available as 1l or 5l models, the system incorporates all well-known features of the full-size A310 preparation unit with regard to functionality, usability and process reliability.

To account for the smaller tanks and the particular characteristics of special resins, the agitators have been custom designed for the task. A sophisticated circulation system ensures constant homogeneity of the dispensing media.

Circulating the resin is of particular importance when filled dispensing media are processed. It is paramount to ensure a consistently high-quality and to achieve the expected performance of the manufactured part.

The system allows precisely adjusting the processing temperature in order to keep the dispensing media at optimum viscosity during the whole production process. As a result, the substrate can be evenly coated with a repeatable quantity of material at equally repeatable accuracy.

When using 2C materials, consistent viscosity is a prerequisite for metering to be exact and mixing ratios to be constant. All material properties remain intact even after production breaks.

What matters most is to keep the dispensing material absolutely bubble-free to avoid faulty parts and to ensure first-rate production quality. Densely packed PCBs and demanding applications require durable parts and leave no room for mistakes during production.

The A310 TP is a fully fledged high-end system and can be retrofitted with our proven degassing functions, ejectors and vacuum pumps. When combined with a first-rate metering unit, this system meets even the most demanding requirements with regard to the performance of produced parts.

All control and monitoring functions, such as e.g. the self-calibrating filling level sensor and the intuitive touch screen meet established Scheugenpflug standards. The A310 TP successfully blends the high level of functionality and quality of Scheugenpflug systems with economic efficiency for small batch production.

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