The SIMONIN Group is specialised in the manufacturing of high precision parts in large quantities (from hundreds of thousands to several million parts per year).

Precision engineered components

The SIMONIN Group constitutes a collection of industrial know-how and resources rarely encountered in the world of sub-contracting.

Established in 1926 in Besançon (in the east of France), a micro-technology valley that traces its roots to the traditional spring and watchmaking industries, the SIMONIN Group specialises in the manufacture of precision engineered components for all industrial segments. Over the years it has gained complementary know-how in metallurgy, plastics and electronics.

Medical sub-assemblies and finished products

With the development of its R&D and design capacities, the company has extended its expertise to the supply of sub-assemblies and complete functional solutions that integrate some or all of its speciality areas.

The SIMONIN Group manufactures high precision parts, including springs and wire forms for medical devices.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
We have 60 stamping and sliding machines for the manufacture of stamping parts for medical devices.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
We manufacture plastic injection parts for medical device applications.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
Our expertise includes overmoulding.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
We deal with the assembly of electronic cards, low-pressure moulding, potting, tests and mechatronic assembly.

As a logical consequence, and with an aim to meet our customers’ demands for low-cost products, we have established a production facility in Morocco that is specialised in the production of these sub-assemblies.

R&D for medical device component manufacturing

The group combines strong R&D and design resources with an engineering office that includes ten CAD / CAM simulation workstations.

The SIMONIN Group aims to provide a global service as an industrial assembler, from the undertaking of studies to the manufacture of complex pieces, in close collaboration with the technical departments of its customers in the automotive, electronics, household appliances, electricity, building, leisure, IT, aerospace, telecommunications, aeronautical, office appliances, cosmetics and medical sectors.

The SIMONIN Group has more than 500 customers around the world, and has been certified according to ISO 14001 since 2000.

Springs for medical devices

We manufacture all types of springs, with diameters from 0.1mm to 4mm. These include:

  • Compression springs (grinded or not)
  • Traction springs (various loops)
  • Torsion springs
  • Double rolling springs
  • Stamped springs
  • Sharp springs

Wire forms for medical devices

We manufacture working wire of small and large dimensions, with diameters from 0.1mm to 4mm. Examples of manufactured parts include clips, retaining rings, piercers, antennas, circuits and electrical contacts.

Stamping parts for medical devices

We have 60 stamping and sliding machines, from 20t to 125t. We handle processes from product and tooling study, and tool manufacturing, to the production of small to really big series.

Plastic injection parts

We have 60 plastic injection machines from 20t to 1,300t, and horizontal and vertical presses for the production of microtechnical parts, aspect parts and big parts. We work with all kinds of raw material, including PP, PA (with glass fibre), POM, PC, SEBS, etc.

Dual-material injection: bi-injection parts

We are specialised in several technologies including cavity transfer and rotating base. We have plastic injection machines from 140t to 430t.

Duplicate-moulding: overmoulding parts

We have expertise in several technologies, including strip, automatic and semi-automatic.

Medical device electronics

We deal with the assembly of electronic cards (SMC, traditional), low-pressure moulding, potting, tests and mechatronic assembly. We also undertake wave welding (RoHs process since 2006). Other capabilities include:

  • Automatic insert of axial and radial components
  • Tests: in situ, functional bench, AOI and camera
  • Assembly with automatic lines developed by our design department
  • Electronic and automatic line study

Connector engineering and beams

The SIMONIN Group has experience and expertise in the following processes:

  • Cutting, crimping, dejacketing and tinning
  • Cutting, crimping and tinning of wires with KOMAX machines
  • Cable cutting
  • Semi-automatic cable crimping
  • Electric tests and mechanical resistance
  • Splice operation for electronic components crimping
  • Low-pressure moulding and potting
  • The assembly for the production of connector engineering and beams
  • The electronic beam study

Automatic assembly for medical applications

With automatic assembly in France or using labour in Morocco, the SIMONIN Group is specialised in function assemblies, sub-functions and complete products, as well as integrating parts or components produced by our plants.

The functions we manufacture are assembled on various products of well-known European and worldwide trademarks, used every day by millions of consumers all around the world, in various sectors such as automotive, medical, phone, electric appliances, aeronautic, home automation, etc.