Tekscan - Force Measurement Sensors and Systems
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Force Measurement Sensors and Systems

Tekscan is the world's leading manufacturer of tactile pressure and force measurement sensors and systems.

307 West First Street,
02127 Massachusetts,
United States of America

307 West First Street,
02127 Massachusetts,
United States of America

Tekscan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tactile pressure and force measurement sensors and systems.

Force sensors for medical devices

The company’s customisable, minimally invasive sensing solutions enable the integration of technology into a client’s design to create innovative products.

Tekscan specialises in sensor technology, investment in research and application engineering.

FlexiForce force sensors are ideal for medical devices because of the thin, flexible and lightweight design.

The sensor provides quantitative data, which enhances the capabilities of medical tools. Data provided by the device allows surgeons and doctors to improve patient outcomes and increase consistency.

Standard sensors for detection and measurement of relative changes in force

FlexiForce standard sensors are available in off-the-shelf sizes and various force ranges.

Standard sensors can be trimmed and integrated into product designs, as well as custom force sensors.

The sensors can detect and measure:

  • Relative change in force or an applied load
  • Rate of change in force
  • Force thresholds and trigger appropriate action
  • Contact and/or touch

Force sensor technology

FlexiForce load sensors provide economical solutions and OEM tools for load / force sensing needs.

FlexiForce has a range of features, including:

  • Superior linearity and accuracy (±3%)
  • Expert technical guidance in custom solutions
  • A wider range of forces
  • Non area-dependent sensor output
  • High-temperature force measurements (up to 400°F) available with high-temp model (HT201)
  • Custom sensors that are 100% tested to ensure they meet specifications
  • Customisation with quantities as low as 1,000 sensors, which can be increased to millions of sensors

Force Sensors For Design

In recent years, factors such as consumer demand and a tough economy have pushed OEMs to produce sleeker, smaller, and less costly products than in the past.

Tekscan to Present VEGA-3 at MS&T in Salt Lake City

Tekscan have announced it will be demonstrating its VEGA-3 large-chamber scanning electron microscope (SEM) with an Oxford Instruments electronic data system (EDS) at the MS&T in Salt Lake City, Utah.


307 West First Street



United States of America