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Terumo is a well-known, internationally operating medical technology company that manufactures and sells a wide range of quality products and systems in the field of angiography, cardiology and cardiovascular systems, clinical test systems, diabetes care and patient access.

Terumo has over 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art, power-driven infusion and syringe pumps.

TERUFUSION advanced infusion system, the latest generation of infusion and syringe pumps, was launched in 2013.

A clear view

The specific design and the inherent handling of the TERUFUSION system enables the user to setup an infusion fast and efficiently while keeping a clear overview.

  • Highly visual pump-to-user communication:the pumps are equipped with an extra-large color display allowing the user to identify the state of an infusion in one glance
  • Easy start-up: color animations shown on display explaining how to load a syringe or infusion set onto the pump
  • Intuitive interface: simple and fast setup of the correct flow rate using the unique rotary dial
  • Convenient handling of multiple infusions: TERUFUSION smart pumps stationed in a TERUFUSION smart rack system provide special functions such as piggy back and takeover mode
  • Fast combination of pumps and racks: the special design of the one-touch pole-clamp allows and fast (dis-/)connection of a pump to a pole or rack system

On patient safety

The communication abilities and the multitude of special functions of the TERUFUSION advanced infusion system ensure a safer way of working. Safety features include:

  • Colour-specific messaging: all necessary information to ensure safer patient treatments are highlighted on the extra-large color display. (e.g. alarms, warnings, flow rate, name of medication, etc.)
  • Flexible infusion schedule: several modes, including multi-step mode, delayed start mode and interval / intermittent mode, allow the best infusion therapy to be chosen for the patient
  • Colour-coded drug control: the drug library allows the setup of ward-specific drug profiles. ISO-standard 26825 color coded tags for drugs (shown in the pump display) reduce potential mistakes in infusion
  • Anti-free flow clamp: automatic closure of tubing when door is opened prevents a free flow of medication to the patient

TERUFUSION advanced infusion system: a clear view – on patient safety

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Terumo Europe N.V.

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