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Precision Components for the Medical Industry

Texpart manufactures customer-specific high precision components and assemblies, as well as combined related logistics solutions for the medical industry.

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Precision Components for the Medical Industry

Texpart manufactures customer-specific high precision components and assemblies, as well as combined related logistics solutions for the medical industry.

We incorporate the knowledge and experience we gained over the years in the development and optimisation of the manufacturing processes. Our commitment to consistently high quality provides our customers with competitive solutions that enable continuous progress.

Our customers range from small companies to global corporations in the manufacturing sector of automotive, medical, defence and aerospace industries.

Trustful relationships with our customers and suppliers enabled Texpart to service the industry for more than 40 years.

Precision components and assemblies for medical devices

Texpart provides custom-manufactured, quality-assured precision components and assemblies that are ready for integration, including the related coordination of different production stages. We also optimise your warehousing by planning smart and flexible logistic solutions.

With short-term call-off options, you can reduce your storage costs while ensuring on-time delivery at the same time.

Thanks to many years of experience in precision machining, as well as our well-established network of suppliers, we can offer accomplished and efficient solutions and deliver high-performance products.

Customer-specific fine and micromechanical precision parts

Our strength and focus is the manufacturing of customer-specific fine and micromechanical precision parts, where tight manufacturing tolerances and consistent quality is required. We offer innovative, efficient and profitable solutions.

Using modern high-tech machining centres and production robots, we provide you with competitive machining for advanced components in the most common metallic and non-metallic materials such as various steel and copper alloys (including lead-free copper), aluminium, plastics and ceramics.

Advanced assembly groups for end-product integration

Texpart has a long experience in the manufacturing of advanced assembly groups for immediate integration into your end product.

With standard and customer-specific micromechanical parts from different suppliers, we develop a complete and tested unit.

Assembly groups are built according to your bills of material and specifications followed by our packaging, stockholding and logistics solutions as required.

Hard materials for medical applications

High mechanical resistant properties are integral for many components used in the manufacturing and medical industry. Mainly used are composites such as metal carbides (tungsten, titanium, chromium), ceramics, ruby and sapphire.

Special knowledge is required to be able to process such materials mechanically. Texpart’s partners, often suppliers to the Swiss watch industry, are also specialists and have many years of experience in this area.

Hard materials are often used as inserts for advanced nozzles in the medical industry. In some hard materials, hole diameters of only 0.04mm can be realised.

Cost-optimised components for medical devices

Thanks to our broad international network, including our own companies in India and Malaysia, we have access to production capacity from high-end parts to more typical and standard components.

We take care to continually keep technically up-to-date and embrace traditional values such as quality and continuity. With Texpart, you have a partner who gives you active support in every situation from the first contact to delivery.

Quality and continuity assurance

Our selected manufacturing partners have well equipped with qualified personnel and are certified according to requirements, including the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) 13485.

Optimised work processes and a high degree of automation ensure short production times, minimal material waste, and competitive prices.

With professional skills and experience in handling unique materials together with precision machines, we guarantee the highest quality, even for the most demanding parts.

Press Releases

  • Texpart Technics Marks 40th Anniversary

    Founded in October 1981 by Walter Merkli, Texpart Technics is now celebrating 40 years of supplying precision parts to our clients worldwide. What started from humble beginnings in the attics of the family home with a handful of local customers and suppliers has grown to a sizeable business with touchpoints around the world.

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5612 Villmergen

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