Thanks to expertise built up over many years, Tornos has become the world’s leading supplier of machining solutions to the medical and dental markets. This Swiss company designs, manufactures and markets worldwide a comprehensive range of automatic turning machines for the production of all types of implants, from the very small to the medium-sized.

Recently Tornos has added a new product line to its machines portfolio: a range of machining centres offering manufacturing solutions with milling process three-five axes for highly precise micro and mid-size components.

High-performance automatic turning machines

Hundreds of Tornos automatic turning machines have been delivered to the medical sector to produce parts in a wide range of specifications and dimensions. Parts are machined from bar and can range from 1mm to 32mm in diameter. As far as the product is concerned, Tornos offers expert advice to guarantee you obtain the best choice in terms of kinematics, machining, equipment and tooling performance.

By virtue of the expertise Tornos has acquired in materials specific to this field (for example, stainless steel for implants, titanium, peek, biodegradable materials, etc.) it offers the best tools and machining conditions to optimise cycle times and increase productivity.

Machining centre – Almac CU 1007.
Single-spindle turning machine – DECO 20a.
Single-spindle turning machine – Sigma 20 II.
Multispindle fixed headstock turning machine – MultiAlpha 8x20.
Medical parts made on Tornos machines.

High-performance equipment in terms of machining and reliability, special software developments plus machine features and many programming options as well as integration with CAD compatibility, OEE interface, robotisation and automatisation ensure Tornos offers the best solution for your needs.

Single-spindle turning machines, multispindle fixed headstock turning machines and machining centres

Tornos delivers a large pallet of dedicated machining solutions, including:

  • Sliding headstock single-spindle turning machines: Sigma and DECO product range
  • Multispindle fixed headstock turning machines: MultiDECO and MultiAlpha range (six to eight spindles)
  • Machining centres: Almac range

Thread-whirling for orthopaedic and dental implants

As the first company to adopt the thread-whirling process (external and internal) on an automatic sliding headstock machine, Tornos can guarantee excellent quality of surface finish as well as enhanced productivity, thanks to its wide experience and own developments adapted to this specific machining process.

Innovation in automatic turning machines and machining centres

The reputation of Tornos is based on its innovative solutions. The company priority remains to develop products that meet the medical market’s requirements in terms of machining functionality and capabilities.