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Electronic Systems and Mechanical Devices for Medical Applications

TRICOR Systems provides reliable high-quality electronic contract manufacturing services for medical device companies.

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TRICOR Systems provides reliable high-quality electronic contract manufacturing services for medical device companies.

Our award-winning patentable products highlight our reputation for innovative design and quality manufacturing.

Our engineers’ knowledge of optics, mechanics and electronics allow for unique design for manufacturability support for specialised and unique equipment within the electronic contract manufacturing medical market.

Medical device manufacturing

TRICOR Systems is an ISO 13485: 2016 certified, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered medical manufacturing facility. Established in 1976, we provide high-quality electronic contract manufacturing to the medical industry.

Our employees are skilled in manufacturing Class I, II and III electronic medical devices, starting from supplementation of internal capabilities to complete turnkey solutions. We have the experience and flexibility to meet customer requirements, providing a high-quality reliable product.

TRICOR is familiar with the ebb and flow of start-up companies manufacturing requirements and work with them to meet their needs. TRICOR offers a wide variety of services ranging from short-run prototypes to full production. TRICOR excels at complete, fully tested box builds, cables, harnesses, circuit card assemblies and build to print. Custom electronic equipment is our speciality.

The company has established a reputation for its high quality and on-time delivery.

Dri-Scope Aid

TRICOR has developed Dri-Scope Aid Cabinet and The Dri-Scope Aid ~ Jet Stream to aid in drying the internal channels of an endoscope.

The device helps to prevent microbiological growth, thus preventing post-operative infection.

Organ transport systems

We have spent several years producing the LKT100P and LKT101P Kidney Transporter Devices and have successfully design and develop the LifePort liver transport (LTT) solution.

Similarly, to the LKT, the LLT uses a peristaltic pump to support the liver during transport, providing a more sustainable transplant organ.

Dental anaesthesia delivery systems

TRICOR Systems designs the electrical components and establishes the software for medical award-winning STA, a single tooth computer-controlled local anaesthesia delivery system.

We are currently manufacturing the device, which provides almost completely pain-free and fear-free injections. We also help to write technical segments of FDA 510K submissions for such Class II devices.

Instrument guidance systems

The CompuFlo unit is a computer-controlled anaesthesia delivery system for epidurals. Its prototype has been developed to support doctors to administer a safer epidural spinal injection.

We also assist in writing technical segments of FDA 510K proposals for this type of Class II device, with an aim for approval on the first submission.

Tee ultrasound probe disinfection systems

Since 2006, TRICOR has been manufacturing the Class II device, the first automated disinfector designed to offer high-level disinfection of transesophageal (TEE) ultrasound probes.

The microprocessor-controlled device offers simple interaction by the healthcare professional responsible for reprocessing the used ultrasound probe.

Leak detection systems

TRICOR manufactures the endoscope leak detection system, a Class II device that detects leaks with almost 100% accuracy.

It identifies endoscope leaks by using an air pump to pressurise the endoscope, as well as monitor fluctuations in pressure. Early leak detection significantly reduces repair costs and the risk of cross-contamination.

Thermotherapy systems

We had been commissioned to manufacture and subsequently re-engineer the TMX 2000 to the TMX 3000.

The TMX 3000 is a Class III device to treat the prostate and an updated version of the TMX 2000, which went end-of-life after being replaced by alternative technology.


TRICOR is an ITAR and FDA-registered company, which maintains AS9100D, ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016 certifications.

We function as an electronic contract manufacturer of stock and custom instrumentation products for start-up to fortune 500 companies.

Our knowledge involves the engineering of electronic systems, electronic contract manufacturing, cables, circuit cards and electro-optical mechanical devices for medical, military, industrial and aerospace operations.

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