VeldLaser is an ISO 9001:2008-certified company whose core competence is the laser micromachining of plastics, ceramics, glass and thin metals.

As an experienced company in the field of micro laser processing, VeldLaser offers laser cutting, laser drilling, laser engraving, laser welding and laser micromachining.

By utilising the latest and most advanced laser micromachining technology (ultra short pulse and harmonic generation), VeldLaser offers laser application developments and contracting services. Our services’ main uses are in industrial, medical and aerospace applications. Related products are medical devices, dental implants, drug-delivery systems, microfluidic devices, microvias and other products characterized by extremely small features.

Micro cutting and laser welding of medical devices

In medical technology, lasers have been employed in a wide range of applications over the years; the micro cutting of stents and medical implants is just one example of this. The laser welding of plastics is used to create weld seams in close proximity to sensitive electrical parts. This process has recently gained a considerable market share in medical technology.

100&#181;m hole over 0.3mm in PVC.<br><br><br><br><br><br>
100&#181;m hole over 0.2mm in stainless steel.<br><br><br><br><br><br>
3D-geometry in glass.

Laser micromachining of plastics, ceramics, glass and thin metals

Micromachining is a rapidly growing process in the laser material processing area. The high-precision, ‘cold’ ablation-based laser shaping processes that the company employs include burr-free cutting, milling, drilling, patterning, structuring and scribing.

Aside from laser subcontracting, we also offer related product development and assembly services. For a cost-effective approach for high-volume production, we strive for a highly optimized and dedicated tool setup.

Laser drilling

Laser drilling is already a very established method compared to other conventional procedures. The high precision and speedy processing that this procedure offers is highly desirable compared with conventional methods. Laser drilling is also used in the case of high precision volumes.

With the right choice of laser parameter, almost all metallics, such as ceramic materials, can be drilled. Drilling methods include:

  • Simple-pulse drilling
  • Percussion drilling
  • Trepanning

Laser cutting

Laser cutting has been established for quite some time as a modern production process in the medical device industry. For laser cutting we use the Nd: YAG- Laser, due to the short frequency and the micro cutting capabilities it offers. Laser cutting offers high accessibility through flexible software and, with the use of modern software, the cutting process can be specialized and tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Laser engraving

Veldlaser has provided laser engraving services for many years. Laser engraving provides many advantages; it is precise, expeditious, flexible and durable. We take care of the whole process, from illustration to final engraving. For the engraving process we use the following machinery:

  • Nd: YAG- Laser (180mm x 180mm; 120mm x 120mm)
  • Co2- Laser (60mm x 60mm – high quality)

Some examples of where laser engraving is used include:

  • Industry: matrices, Formelektrode (copper, graphite), industrial plates, codes for ID numbers, product safety
  • Medicine: medical equipment, medical device barcodes, coding of implants
  • Advertising: logos, photos, texts, identification of presents 
  • Art: artwork, awards of any kind, coins

Laser welding

Laser welding with the Nd: YAG is a process where the material is melted without additives. The material obtains, depending on the composition, the absorption of the laser ray. Methods include joint welding, seem welding and point welding.

Laser micromachining and product assembly

Veldlaser’s core competence of laser micromachining plastics, ceramics, glass and thin metals is complemented by its product assembly capabilities. This kind of vertical integration provides additional value, which enables us to meet the needs of our medical device customers.