Thread milling technology is relatively unknown, despite its many obvious advantages. Among the many manufacturers of tooling for the medical field, Xactform in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, is a pioneer. For over 25 years it has specialised in the development of made-to-measure threading tools.

Swiss-made threading tools

Xactform is part of the PX Group, which is well known for providing special medical equipment through PX Tools.

Xactform produces threading tools in standard norms or specific areas. Offering a wide range of standard tools, more than half of its business is to respond to special customer requests by developing custom-made tools. The company’s unparalleled experience in this domain has enabled it to develop effective solutions to solve the problems a customer is facing.

Standard thread mills for the medical industry

Xactform was one of the first companies to consider ways of integrating thread milling into the medical field. This technology offers advantages both in terms of productivity and quality of the machined thread, especially in inhomogeneous or delicate materials. It reduces the machining stress by use of linear interpolation, an important asset for the medical field.

Xactform specialises in made-to-measure threading tools.
Xactform produces both standard and custom threading tools.
Xactform’s range of tapered thread mills is specifically for medical applications.
Xactform offers customer-specific thread mills for medical applications.

With this in mind, Xactform developed a range of tapered thread mills specifically for medical applications. Xactform can also offer whirl thread mills (one to three teeth), which are more commonly used.

Customer-specific thread mills and threading tools for medical applications

In the medical field Xactform mainly assists its customers directly. This proximity allows the company to understand in detail the conditions of use of the tool and the resulting constraints. Engineers and technicians use their skills and experience to the advantage of the customer. A constant dialogue between the company and the customer ensures that the pledge to find the best possible solutions and most effective performance for their problems is fulfilled.

Global supply of thread mills

Xactform was founded in 1985. Its production site is located in Switzerland; it has 34 employees.

In 2008 Xactform’s markets were split as follows:

  • 48% Europe
  • 48% through Xactform USA
  • 4% Brazil (new subsidiary Xactform Brasil)

Xactform’s number of standard references is approximately 1,400 and constantly increasing.

Systems standards include ISO 60° metric, Unified National Standard, aeronautical threads, medical thread, petroleum thread, National Pipe Taper, British Straight Pipe and Whitworth, and round thread.

Xactform’s smallest thread has a pitch from 0.1mm.