Cam Bioceramics

Cam Bioceramics is an orthobiologic calcium phosphate contract manufacturer based in The Netherlands. The company, which began as a spin-off from Leiden University in the 1980s, provides calcium phosphate contract manufacturing services to orthopaedic, dental, spinal and aesthetics companies.

Cam Bioceramics manufactures calcium phosphate in any density or particle size, and also offers HA plasma coating services. The company has ISO13485 certification and has class 7 clean rooms for packaging.

Customised and highly pure calcium phosphate powders

Cam Bioceramics is internationally unique in its ability to produce speciality calcium phosphate powders. The company has developed a number of unique production methods that enables us to produce optimised materials for your applications including round, irregular, sharp or rounded powders. The materials can also have particular properties; for example, slow dissolution, high porosity or high strength.

Cam Bioceramics is a contract manufacturer of orthobiologic calcium phosphate products.
Cam Bioceramics has class 7 clean rooms for packaging.
We can manufacture specialty calcium phosphate powders with the properties you need.
Our dense granules are available in any size, from less than 50μ to larger than 1,000μ.
We produce high-quality spherical powders for interference screws and suture anchors.
Cam Bioceramics’ manufactures the highest quality HA powder for medical implant coatings.
Our fully reticulated structure porous granules are ideal for bone void fillers.
The company can create any dense shape to customer requirements.

We are proud to be able to work with our clients to provide the ideal material solution for their needs. If you require calcium phosphate powder with special or unusual qualities, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Hydroxyapatite, beta-tricalcium phosphate and HA/TCP biphastic dense granules

Cam Bioceramics can produce calcium phosphate that is close to the maximum theoretical density, making its dense granules ideal for a range of applications. These can be manufactured at any size, with granules of less than 50μ or larger than 1,000μ possible.

Granules can be produced as the following:

  • Pure hydroxyapatite
  • Beta-tricalcium phosphate
  • HA / TCP biphasic granules (any ratio)

We use several different production methods for these products, depending on the quantities required.

HA, beta TCP and biphasic spherical powders

The company also produces HA, beta TCP and biphasic spherical calcium phosphate powders in a large selection of sizes, surface areas and porosity. These high-quality powders are being used for manufacturing of such devices as interference screws and suture anchors.

HA powder for in-house implant coatings

We provide the best HA coating powders on the market for companies that apply coatings in-house. These are designed to provide the best possible results for your products, and we can customise our powders to perfectly match your requirements.

Cam Bioceramics has specialist experience in implant coatings, and can provide valuable coating expertise. We have provided coatings for hundreds of thousands of implants.

Porous granules for bone void fillers

Our porous granules have a fully reticulated structure that makes them ideal for bone void fillers. These can be produced in pure hydroxyapatite, beta-tricalcium phosphate or HA / TCP biphasic granules at any ratio.

These granules can be uniquely tailored to your requirements by size, surface area, size distribution or bulk density.

Custom calcium phosphate dense shapes

Cam Bioceramics can produce any calcium phosphate dense shape required. Whether the shape is a rod, block, wedge or something more unusual, we will be happy to produce a prototype from drawings provided.

Custom-made calcium phosphate products

The company can produce a large range of custom-made calcium phosphate products to a very high quality. Many features can be customised, including:

  • Pore size
  • Particle size
  • Ca/P ratio
  • Cristallinity
  • Posority / density
  • D-ratio
  • Chemical composition
  • Surface area
  • Flow ability
  • Bulk density

Internationally leading calcium phosphate manufacturing

Over decades of experience Cam Bioceramics has developed a range of unique manufacturing processes that enables us to provide calcium phosphate products of unparalleled quality and range.

We have a competitive pricing system, and will always work with our clients to provide the best possible solution. If you would like to know more about Cam Bioceramics’ products and services, or to discuss a particular calcium phosphate requirement, please contact us using the details or form below.