MiniCollect® is made for your most precious samples. The cap design of the MiniCollect Capillary Blood Collection Tubes has been optimized for easier opening.

Increased number of ridges and overlapping cap edge

The number of ridges has been increased and they have been made deeper to provide improved grip and comfort for the user. In addition, the cap rim overlaps the top of the tube, providing a better grip for the user of the product, a modification that makes the tube much easier to open.

MiniCollect Capillary Blood Collection System

The capillary blood collection tubes offer a gentle way to collect small blood samples for a wide range of analyses. The MiniCollect tubes contain an integrated spatula for easy and hygienic collection of blood drops. The system is perfectly suited for young children, geriatric patients as well as patients with fragile veins.

MiniCollect is also recommended in situations where venous blood collection proves particularly difficult, such as for patients with extensive burns.

MiniCollect Complete Version

The MiniCollect tubes are also available as Complete version, irreversibly assembled in a 13 x 75 carrier tube. This offers numerous advantages:

    • No adjustment of the settings of analytical instruments
    • Compatible with 13 x 75 mm racks
    • Blood collection and analysis are performed from the same tube
    • No special centrifuge required

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