The innovative VACUETTE® SAFELINK holder with a male luer lock further complements Greiner Bio-One’s range of practical accessories.

The new tube holder facilitates quick and easy blood collection in combination with all medical products that have a standard female luer lock connection, such as winged cannulae. Above all, it stands out thanks to its simple handling.

Tube holder with potential

The luer lock feature sets the VACUETTE® SAFELINK apart from the conventional Greiner Bio-One tube holders and makes it particularly suitable for blood collection from venous access devices according to guideline recommendations.

Furthermore, tests show that the secure connection withstands pressures of up to 185mmHg. Paired with the functional design and practical handling, this could make a significant contribution to efficiency in everyday healthcare situations. Secure screw connection between holder and collection product

The simple screw connection ensures safe and successful blood collection. With a controlled threading movement, the single-use product connects safely and smoothly to the respective medical device. The VACUETTE® SAFELINK is manufactured from unbreakable plastic, and does not contain natural rubber latex.

Regular improvements and innovations at Greiner Bio-One

Greiner Bio-One uses targeted market monitoring as the basis for implementing ongoing enhancements, so its product portfolio is regularly optimised and expanded. The range of accessories already includes various tube holders, from the standard holder through to the safety version. The VACUETTE® SAFELINK holder is a perfect addition to the product line with its screw system for a secure connection.