Recent additions to Jersey Strand and Cable’s staff are an indication of continued efforts to compile a strong management team at the company.

The addition of Stephen Flynn, plant manager at JSC, will continue to build a strong management team at Jersey Strand and Cable. Stephen holds the Bachelor Degree of Industrial Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and the Bachelor Degree of Sociology from Gettysburg College. He also brings with him extensive knowledge in ISO systems and the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award system.

While Steve’s 30 years’ experience in the wire and cable industry certainly will enhance his contributions to JSC, his remaining years of experience as production manager will assist with his involvement in the company. Starting his career as an entry-level quality control technician and moving his way up the ranks to production manager, Steve has gathered the experience in production and organizational processes throughout his career.

Steve’s responsibilities will include optimization of strand and cable manufacturing processes, production organization, employee relations, plant safety programs, general maintenance, and repair/maintenance of machinery. Steve will be reporting to executive vice-president John Pratt.

John Pratt says, "Steve’s abilities to optimize product lines will enhance our already streamlined procedures. It is great to have him on board to help with the daily operational organization of the manufacturing, shipping, and maintenance departments. Steve’s foresight in implementing a predictive and preventative maintenance program will improve production uptime."