Sirane is the leading supplier of absorbent products to the medical and healthcare industry. Our products include absorbent mats and liners, wound dressings, wadding, absorbent drapes, operating theatre mats, absorbent pouches for transportation of clinical samples, pharmaceutical packaging products, bench protection, dental bibs and many more.

Sirane has a large team of scientists and engineers working with experts in the medical industry to design and develop the next generation of advanced products for the medical industry. As a result, our product range is the most effective and competitive on the market.

Sirane products are primarily aimed at preventing infection, cross-infection and contamination, providing clean, safe and sterile clinical environments and ensuring legislative and environmental compliance in all applications.

Absorbent pouches for clinical materials

Sirane ‘Safe-hold’ absorbent pouches are used for the storage and transportation of biological substances, diagnostic and clinical samples, clinical waste, infectious and hazardous materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and environmental samples. They are engineered to ensure compliance with the relevant transport regulations, including ADR, RID and IATA regulations, UN2814, UN2900 or UN3373 and associated Packaging Instructions 602, 620 or 650 as appropriate.

Protects where pathogens may be present, combining an absorbent layer for quick absorption of spills.
Cellosene wadding is used for supplementary wound care for increased absorbency.
Safe-hold absorbent pouches enclose primary packaging to protect and cushion from damage and leakage.
Innovation is at the heart of Sirane. If you have a particular problem or need, why not let Sirane solve it?

Sirane Safe-hold pouches are available in a wide range of sizes with absorbency levels calculated to meet all regulatory requirements. They are available with a leak-proof adhesive closure, puncture resistance, printed tracking information and other features as required.

Sirane Safe-hold is available with selected additives which absorb and trap specific pharmaceutical, biological or chemical substances to ensure complete safety and security. These additives, which include highly specialised activated carbons, are selected to provide the highest level of security for the specific material in the pouch. They make Sirane Safe-hold the leading absorbent transport packaging product in the world.

Bench protection and absorbent surface liners

Sirane is the leading manufacturer of Benchguard bench protection for laboratories, hospitals, surgeries and other clinical environments where absorbency and sterile surface protection is required. Available in sheets and reels of all sizes, Benchguard has a highly absorbent surface and an effective liquid barrier layer to ensure that spillages are contained and cross-infection is prevented.

Sirane also manufactures a wide range of absorbent operating theatre mats, table, shelf and tray liners and other absorbent surface protection products for the medical industry. Available in a wide range of sizes and absorbency levels, these products are ideal for maintaining clean surfaces, preventing cross-infection in clinical environments.

Absorbent wadding and wound care products

Sirane Cellosene wadding is used for fast and effective liquid control in wound care and trauma cases, spillages, breakages and other incidents. It is ultra-absorbent and soaks up liquid extremely quickly, providing immediate control when it is needed most. Sirane Cellosene wadding is easy to use.

Sirane absorbent drapes are used for knee and shoulder surgery and other operations where liquid control is essential. They are designed specifically for tourniquet cuff based procedures, to keep the padding and tourniquet cuff clean and dry during pre-op skin preparation.

Sirane odour-absorbing wound care products contain activated carbon which absorbs and traps odours emanating from the wound. They keep the wound area clean and hygienic and assist the recovery process.

Absorbent operating theatre mats

Sirane theatre mats are developed with health and safety in mind for the theatre scrubbing up area but also for the absorption of other fluids in many operating theatres. They reduce the risk of slipping or falling on wet floors. There are no super absorbent powders used in this product which means the mat will retain its original size and not expand or swell; this, in turn, produces a low slip surface (even when wet) making them as safe as possible to use but still with adequate water absorption of up to 1.8l of fluid.

Specialised wipes and cleaning products for hospitals

Sirane manufactures a wide range of anti-bacterial, anti-septic and other wipes which are used to create clean and sterile working environments and prevent infection. They are a major weapon in the fight against hospital-acquired infections including MRSA and C Diff.

Sirane also manufactures specialised materials for lens cleaning and other sensitive applications.

Specialised product development and manufacture

Sirane has the capabilities to develop a very wide range of new products to meet all applications. In addition to developing the product, we design and build the manufacturing equipment and manufacture the final product. We can manufacture large or small quantities and provide all the packaging as required.

We have a long and accomplished history of successful developments and a wide range of new products in the pipeline. Please feel free to call Sirane if you require fast and effective development assistance.