New Version of M-663 Micropositioning Stage: Benefits of PILine® Drive Technology in Precision Positioning Applications


The new linear stage version M-663.5U is especially suited for positioning tasks in automation where a resolution of 0.6µm and a step size of 2µm are sufficient.

The integrated PILine®linear motor provides push forces to 5N and a maximum velocity of up to 250m/s over an 18mm travel range.

All stage versions offer the benefits proprietary to the PILine® drive technology. Since ceramic motors feature high holding forces also when at rest, the linear stage ensures excellent positional stability without heat generation, as it would occur with conventional linear motors.

The stiff design, direct coupling and fast response times of the piezo ceramic allow for highly dynamic start / stop behaviour.

Simultaneously with the launch of the cost-effective stage variant, PI also enhanced the design of the high-precision, 0.1 µm resolution positioning stage.

Drive and guiding have been decoupled and with this the guiding accuracy of the linear stages has been improved.

A new version of the M-663 micropositioning stage: cost-effective with integrated PILine® drive technology.

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