Mini Hexapod from PI Offers Large Travel Ranges in a Very Small Space

Minature Hexapod from PI.The H-811 miniature Hexapod from PI has very compact dimensions with a diameter of only 130 mm and a height of 115 mm. In addition to the vacuum version, it is now also available in an air version.

The H-811 offers travel ranges of up to 35 mm in the XY level and up to 13mm in the Z direction. It is especially the large tilting angles of 20 degrees around the X and Y axis and up to 40 degrees around the vertical axis that make this Hexapod so versatile. The miniature Hexapod reliably positions loads of up to 5kg and achieves velocities of up to 10mm/s. Each individual strut has a positioning resolution of 40nm; positioning can be done repeatably with accuracies under 1 µm.

The parallel-kinematics 6D positioners are offered as a system including a powerful digital controller and comprehensive software support. There are now two versions available: one in a package with a new compact controller (255 x 226 x 185 mm) that provides the full functionality at a lower system price as well as the Hexapod system with the previous 19in rack unit controller, which now offers the control of two further individual servo axes as a standard feature. Additional piezo systems as well as optical or analog inputs can be connected here as an option.

The control takes place via TCP/IP Ethernet or serially via an RS-232 interface. All (target) positions are conveniently given in Cartesian coordinates.

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