PI Ceramic Publishes New Catalogue, Piezoelectric Actuators

PI published its new catalog.PI Ceramic publishes its new product catalogue ‘Piezoelectric Actuators – Components, Technologies, Operation’. The new edition contains all standard products in the area of piezo actuators, as well as detailed information on the principles of piezo technology. It also contains an overview of the suitable piezo amplifiers from PI (Physik Instrumente), which can be used to operate the actuators.

In addition to the existing product range, PI Ceramic presents many new multilayer piezo actuators and classical piezo stack actuators. These include encapsulated PICMA® multilayer actuators, round PICMA® multilayer bending actuators and stacked PICA Shear actuators for use in cryogenic and vacuum environments.

For every product there are graphics and data tables beside information on possible product modifications and the fields of application. PI Ceramic sets the highest priority on a flexible response to customer requests and the ability to manufacture customised products in varying quantities.

The second part of the catalogue contains a comprehensive explanation of the principles of piezo technology, the manufacturing process, operation and applications of the different types of piezo actuators together with detailed drawings. Moreover, it includes reliability and lifetime calculations for actuators, explanations of the temperature-dependent behavior of actuators and their application under different ambient conditions.

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