Cardinal Health Inc is an integrated healthcare services and products company that provides solutions to hospitals, healthcare systems, pharmacies, ambulatory surgery centres, and clinical laboratories. The company operates its business through two segments – pharmaceutical and medical. The pharmaceutical segment comprises the pharmaceutical distribution division, speciality solutions division, and nuclear and precision health solutions division. Cardinal Health, through its pharmaceutical distribution division, distributes branded and generic pharmaceutical, and over-the-counter healthcare and consumer products to retailers, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. This division provides services, including distribution, inventory management, data reporting, new product launch support, and chargeback administration to pharmaceutical manufacturers; pharmacy management services to hospitals; and operates a limited number of pharmacies, including in community health centres. The speciality solutions division distributes oncology, rheumatology, urology, nephrology, and human-derived plasma products to hospitals, dialysis clinics, offices of physicians, and other healthcare providers. The nuclear and precision health solutions division operates nuclear pharmacies and manufacturing facilities that manufacture, prepare, and deliver radiopharmaceuticals for use in nuclear imaging and other procedures in hospitals and physician offices.

The medical segment manufactures and sources Cardinal Health branded general and speciality medical, surgical, and laboratory products and devices. It offers products such as exam and surgical gloves, needle, syringe, and sharps disposal, compression, incontinence, nutritional delivery, wound care, single-use surgical drapes, gowns and apparel, fluid suction and collection systems, urology, operating room supply, and electrode products.