The ASR1300 high-speed, direct-drive rotary stage achieves accelerations of up to 8000rad/s² and reaches speeds greater than 1500rpm in only 90° of travel, making it perfect for the most demanding tube-handling applications and high-throughput manufacturing processes.

The ASR1300´s maximum speed of 3000rpm and its outstanding acceleration capability result from a full system-level optimisation of the torque-to-inertia ratio.

Supremely agile, the ASR1300 facilitates higher throughput levels on supporting motion equipment and ultimately lower part manufacturing costs and increased production capacity.

Compact and lightweight

The ASR1300 is the smallest and most dynamic member of Aerotech´s ASR-series rotary stage family. Weighing a mere 2.8kg, the ASR1300 is nearly 50% lighter than the ASR1200. Multi-axis systems accelerate faster, with less dynamic error, due to the ASR1300´s minimised weight and package size resulting in impressive process optimisation and improvement.

Superior material handling capability

The ASR1300 features an integral Type-D (Louis Levin & Sons™) collet chuck. Collets are readily available in multiple sizes supporting tube diameters from 0.1mm to 2.0mm. These collets provide outstanding runout characteristics for applications requiring high-precision gripping of tubular material. Applying air pressure adjusts the collet from fully open to fully closed. Air is delivered to the rotating collet assembly through a custom-engineered, noncontact rotary union that ensures a lifetime of maintenance-free operation.