Bühler Motor specialises in the development and production of custom motion systems for the healthcare device and pharmaceutical drug-delivery markets.

Complete Bühler Motor drive solutions combine brushed DC and brushless EC fractional-horsepower motors, stepper motors, pumps, encoders, geartrains, hardware and software, control electronics, brakes, actuators and more within a single assembly. This single assembly provides a cost-effective solution for our customers by reducing their supply chain and easing final product assembly.

Motion system solutions for healthcare devices

Bühler Motor’s combined motion technology experience and development competence translates into motion system solutions for the healthcare industry. Applications for DC motor / gearmotor system assemblies within the diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical and drug delivery device sectors include:

  • Insulin and infusion pumps
  • Medication dosing devices
  • Handheld surgical tools
  • Patient monitoring
  • Wound care devices
  • Respiratory care products

Comprehensive in-house motion system development

Driven by innovation, Bühler Motor offers comprehensive in-house research and development with more than 120 engineers and 1,600 qualified employees worldwide delivering more than 20 million units globally. Since no two projects are the same at Bühler Motor, utilisation of all available theoretical analysis tools throughout the development process ensures the correct solution is provided to meet our customers’ exact needs. Bühler Motor’s product implementation process (PIP) guarantees superior manufacturing processes and the highest quality products for all drive systems developed.   

In-house precision plastic moulding capability, from material selection and optimisation to mould tool design and development, ensures precise quality of gears and drive system components for Bühler Motor.
Bühler Motor's motion system experience translates into solutions within the diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical and drug delivery device sectors.
Located in Morrisville, NC, Buehler Motor's North American Technical Center (NATC) serves the mechatronic drive system development and production needs of North American healthcare companies.
Bühler Motor, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, offers custom-engineered mechatronic drive systems for healthcare and drug delivery devices.
Blood glucose meters and other healthcare devices benefit from the precision and reliability of a custom Bühler Motor drive unit, such as a 15mm stepper motor with custom geartrain.

Flexible in-house motion system manufacturing

With manufacturing locations on three continents and over 155 years’ experience Bühler Motor has the manufacturing expertise required for any healthcare project. Bühler Motor offers scalable production, from 100 pieces per year to over 3.5 million pieces per year, along with the flexibility for highly manual to highly automated assembly to optimise part cost, output and precision. In-house manufacturing capability includes:

  • Precision plastic moulding
  • Metal machining
  • Prototype manufacturing and tool fabrication
  • Particle-reduced production and complete assembly

Mechatronic drive systems according to ISO and FDA guidelines

Bühler Motor’s stringent quality systems ensure the motion system solution developed will meet the most demanding requirements. Bühler Motor develops and produces mechatronic drive systems according to ISO 13485 and FDA 21 CFR Part 820 guidelines. Process validation is according to GMP guidelines. Consistent use of Six-Sigma, TQM and Kaizen methodologies result in the highest quality DC motor and controller products with zero non-conformity. In addition, internal testing capability includes:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Climate exposure and impact
  • Acoustics of systems and sub-components
  • Service life
  • Vibration analysis

About Bühler Motor

Bühler Motor is an independent, globally active company focused on the development, production and marketing of technically challenging motion solutions for the world’s leading manufacturers in the medical, automotive and industrial industries. Bühler Motor was founded in 1855 and has its global headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany.

As part of the worldwide Bühler Motor family, Buehler Motor, based in Morrisville, NC, offers its North American customers a combination of German engineering, research and development, manufacturing, and local sales and customer support – plus the competitive pricing advantages and on-time delivery that come from a global production footprint spanning three continents.

We seek development opportunities which lead to production of innovative healthcare devices. Contact us to discuss how Bühler Motor can help bring your project from concept to reality.