Cedrat Technologies has developed several classes of low-voltage piezo actuators to cover a wide range of needs and applications. Amplified piezo actuators (APA™) are solid-state long stroke linear actuators. They are based on the expansion of the active material and on a mechanism for amplifying the displacement. Amplified piezo actuators offer high displacements combined with large forces and compact size along the active axis.

The evaluation pack aims at an easy evaluation of the Cedrat Technologies offer in static conditions. It includes:

  • An amplified actuator APA120S
  • A linear amplifier Caµ10
  • Connectors

The actuator APA120S can bear load up to 0.5kg over 140µm and in a compact size. The CAµ10 can deliver a voltage up to 150V and has two channels.

The main features enlightened by the evaluation pack are:

  • A high stiffness of the actuator
  • A nanometer resolution
  • A good repeatability
  • An excellent reliability
  • An easy implementation
  • A low cost of ownership

For more information please email Cedrat Technologies.