Fans and electric motors from the manufacturer and world market leader ebm-papst set the benchmark in the widest-ranging areas of application – whether as an energy-saving fan based on EC technology or as axial, centrifugal, diagonal or tangential fans.

DC compact fans and electric motors

ebm-papst St. Georgen, a subsidiary of the ebm-papst Group, offers DC compact fans based on EC technology, and electric drive technology with brushless direct current motors as well as DC motors and gear motors.

EC technology for fans and motors

ebm-papst St. Georgen developed the electronically commutated, brushless direct current motors that form the basis for a unique variety of fans, blowers and motors. Air technology and drive engineering paired with in-depth expertise in development and production of electronics is the guarantee for high customer benefit.

Electronically commutated BLDC motors

At the ebm-papst Group location in St. Georgen, the focal point is small drive technology up to an output of 500W. The spectrum of internal rotor motors spans from the robust brush motor (BCI series) to the dynamic electronically commutated BLDC motor (ECI series). In external rotor motor models, the VARIODRIVE and VARIODRIVE Compact series offer highly compact high-performance drives with a short installation length.

Series of three-phase, electronically commutated internal rotor motor with neodym magnet and a power range from 30W to 400W. Motor torques up to 1Nm in continuous operation.
The VARIODRIVE Compact series is a three-phase, electronically commutated external rotor motor with integrated operating electronics of different complexity up to electronics with a CANopen interface.
DC motors in combination with spur gear unit or planetary gear in different reduction stages. Nominal voltages 12, 24, 40 and 60 V DC with output power up to 90W.
The product line covers sizes from 25mm to 280mm. DC axial fans have integrated electronically commutated drives based on external rotor motors. Fans conforming to IP 54 are also available.
The product line includes free running impellers or assemblies in a ready-to-install, compact housing with an edge length between 51mm and 270mm. All models feature high-efficiency, brushless motor technology.

Electronic control units for BLDC motors

The electronic control units necessary for operating BLDC motors are integrated into the motor housing in an increasing number of series or are available as external ECUs. We deliver complete solutions for speed or torque-controlled drives and positioning drives.

The power range of the drive engineering includes speeds of up to 30,000rpm and torque up to 1Nm – with gearboxes up to 25Nm. A speciality from ebm-papst is motors with zero cogging torque.

Gearboxes, shaft encoders and brakes

In addition to the motors and electronics, other system components such as gearboxes, shaft encoders or brakes complete the range of products in multiple, versatile combination options.

The powerful and durable products from ebm-papst find use in many industries, including ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration technology or electronics cooling, telecommunications, and the automotive and medical industries.