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Brushless BLDC Motors for Medical Devices

Electromag is a leading expert in the development and manufacture of brushless direct current (DC) motors for a wide range of medical devices.

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Electromag is a leading expert in the development and manufacture of brushless  BLDC motors for a wide range of medical devices.

Powering up to 300W, the company’s motors function quietly and at a low vibration level for speeds up to 100,000 rotations per minute (rpm).

Brushless BLDC motors for medical devices

Renowned for their quietness and reliability, Electromag motors offer outstanding power density and efficiency, as a result of a patented winding on slotless technology.

Leading medical device manufacturers utilise Electromag motors within critical and home-care ventilation, dentistry and orthopaedics fields.

Electromag supplies BLDC motors for medical devices.
The company’s portfolio includes ventilation motors complete with customised shafts.
We can also customise ventilation motors with customised mounting flanges.
Electromag supplies a wide range of CPAP and BiLevel ventilation motors.
We offer motors for dental implantology.
Our range of endodontic motors are used in the dentistry field.
Electromag motors function in surgical power tools in the medical industry.

The highly customisable comprehensive range covers diameters sized 16mm, 22mm, 30mm, 32mm and 45mm, allowing accurate adaptation to the electrical parameters and mechanical interfaces of each application.

The company guides its partners from the early design stage to define the appropriate motor parameters, throughout the production of prototypes and pilot series until the launch of the series production.

Electromag is also ISO 13485: 2016 certified.

Motors for critical care, transport and emergency ventilation

Motors used in these applications develop power ranging from 50W and 120W, which allow the ventilator to reach pressures of up to 110 millibars (mbars) and are designed to achieve high dynamics to follow the breathing cycles while maintaining high efficiency to limit overheating.

Electromag motors are optionally available to operate within a high concentration of oxygen, equipped with a negative temperature coefficient sensor (NTC) for continuous temperature monitoring.

For transport ventilators, the company can adapt motors to operate on batteries at 12V DC while high efficiency increases the device autonomy.

To meet these requirements, Electromag’s 22mm motor platform offers a robust mechanical design with 3mm or 4mm shafts. The slotless winding makes it possible to achieve 90% efficiency at speeds exceeding 70,000rpm.

Due to their reliable and proven mechanical construction, the motors have been used successfully for years in many invasive and non-invasive ventilator programmes.

Motors for support and home-care ventilation

Home-care continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) and BiLevel applications require cost-effective and compact motors that meet stringent noise emission requirements for speeds up to 70,000rpm and torque levels of up to 10mNm, balanced and assembled with state-of-the-art automatic machines.

The CPAP motor and BiLevel motor platforms are based on a slotted motor technology and offer a solution for virtually any blower design situation. The 32mm and 45mm motors are optionally available with or without position and temperature sensors.

Motors for dental implantology and endodontics

Based on the patented slotless stator, Electromag’s dental motors offer the highest power density allowing to reduce the overall size and guarantee rotation without reluctant torque.

Available as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) platform with sizes in 16mm, 19mm, and 22mm, motors can be specified for a different number of sterilisation cycles and allow integration of various sensor technologies for precise torque control, as well as signals and power.

Electromag motors have been integrated for corded tabletop devices, as well as on battery-driven cordless units.

Motors for surgical and orthopaedic power tools

Electromag offers a comprehensive range of sterilisable motors dedicated to surgical and orthopaedic power tools based on its 16mm, 22mm and 30mm motor platforms.

As a result of the patented winding design, these motors feature unmatched torque density and efficiency for a performing torque-speed characteristic.

Numerous customisation possibilities include the adaptation of mechanical interfaces and electrical characteristics, as well as the integration of cannulated shafts.

The company’s team of experienced research and development (R&D) engineers will continuously guide clients from the initial motor design and development throughout the prototyping phase until serial production.

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    Electromag SA, headquartered in Ecublens, Switzerland, is a leading expert in the development and manufacturing of brushless DC motors for demanding applications up to 300 W.

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