MICROMO is pleased to announce the arrival of the new, high-performance FAULHABER Series 1218…B brushless DC motor.

FAULHABER has expanded its high-performance range of brushless DC servomotors to include the new Series 1218….B.

It is designed to address applications where high power and overall motor size are key requirement. Its 18mm length makes it the most compact drive on the market in the 12mm diametre size. It has a wide standard operating temperature range from -20°C to 100°C.

Based on the revolutionary System FAULHABER ironless stator winding design, the motor provides a reliable option for challenging fields of application such as medical pumps, robotics, and laboratory automation.

The 1218…B servomotors deliver continuous torque up to 1mNm and have integrated digital hall sensor feedback.

When combined with the wide range of FAULHABER planetary or spur gearheads, the output torque can reach up to 300mNm. For high-precision positioning applications, FAULHABER zero backlash spur gearheads provide a compact alternative to reduce or eliminate undesirable mechanical play in the application.

FAULHABER offers a complete portfolio of drive electronics to match the requirements of the 1218…B. From the miniaturised SC 1801 2 and 4 Quadrant speed controller to the compact MC 3002 motion controller with serial or CAN interface, FAULHABER has the right solution to fit the application.