planetary gearhead

Thanks to the sturdy construction, the FAULHABER metal Planetary Gearheads are ideal for applications that demand the highest torque.

The new 17/1 gearhead is the latest addition to the FAULHABER gearhead product line in the 16 to 20 mm diameter range. The 17/1 gearhead is available with up to five gear stages, with standard reductions of 3.33:1 to 1,367:1.

The 17/1 series, with a diameter of 17mm and , stainless steel housing as well as steel and hard metal Planetary Gearheads and pins, is designed for continuous torque of 550mNm and short-term loads of up to 800mNm.

Sintered bearings provide up to 0.1mm radial play. With the version with pre-loaded ball bearing, this can be reduced to zero. The operating temperature range is between 100° and -30°C by default. The gearhead is also available as a low-temperature model for requirements down to -40°C.

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