SR series channel encoder.

The new FAULHABER SR series IEH3-4096 3 model offers more index channel and two square-wave signals.

The device offers a higher resolution, an extended operating temperature range, and improved speed control, especially in the low-speed range. The encoder increases the length of the motor by just 1.4mm and can be combined with numerous precious-metal commutated direct current (DC) motors of the FAULHABER SR series, measuring 15mm-22 mm in diameter. Since they are used in extremely small machines and assemblies, size is a decisive factor.

Thanks to the thermally robust single-chip Hall module used in the IEH3-4096, it was possible to extend the operating temperature range considerably to -40°C to 100 °C. The resolution of up to 4096 pulses per revolution results in improved control dynamics.

The model also offers improved speed control, particularly at low speeds. Other pulse counts are also available. Despite numerous technical developments, the IEH3-4096 remains mechanically compatible with its predecessor models.

The IEH3-4096 integrated encoder can be used in application areas including, among others: in equipment technology, such as in measurement devices, for valve adjustment, in camera technology, and in precision optics, for example for mirror positioning or lens or filter adjustment.

These application areas are characterized by sophisticated engineering in which the individual components cannot occupy much space. The IEH3-4096 integrated encoder uniquely satisfies these requirements.

Unlike encoders with a separate add-on housing that require much more space, the IEH3-4096 increases the length of the motor by just 1.4mm.

Product manager Volker Hausladen says:"The IEH3‐4096 therefore combines more functionality and improved technical features in the smallest possible space."