The new LR-17 rotary motor, offered with an integrated absolute encoder, expands MICROMO’s strong line-up of piezo technology from PiezoMotor.

The compact LR-17 is a mere 17mm in diameter and has the benefits from the Piezo LEGS® technology.

The stall torque from the motor is 30mNm, which is high relative to its size. Because of the self-locking feature of the friction drive, the motor can hold position without consuming power.

The integrated 15-bit magnetic absolute encoder gives a closed loop resolution of 0.2 milli-radians (0.01º). Through the Piezo LEGS® technology, you get an amazing sub-micro-radian resolution in open loop.

Anders Larsson, sales and development manager at PiezoMotor, said: "The LR-17 is the first motor in a series with four different sizes. It allows our customers to have a very compact motion solution, including a sensor for easy integration. It follows our motto: ‘Simplicity in Motion’.

"The Piezo LEGS technology makes it possible to continue improving existing customer design when conventional motor technology has reached its limits."