20/1R Planetary Gearhead

With a diameter of 20mm, the new FAULHABER 20/1R planetary gearhead features transmission technology, which allows it to reach peak torque of 1100mNm.

Following intensive development with a comprehensive series of tests, the power output tripled in comparison to previous models. The input speed reaches 12,000 rpm and the 20/1R can be combined with small direct current (DC) and brushless DC motors, as well as stepper motors with a diameter of 17 mm-22 mm.

The output shaft of the 20/1R has no axial play thanks to the pretensioned ball bearing. The gearhead is available with one to five stages, and the span of the 16 possible reduction gear ratios ranges from 3.71:1 to 1526:1.

There is also a choice between the normal temperature range of ‐10 to +125°C and a low temperature variant of ‐45 to +100°C. The typical temperature range for planetary gearheads made from metal is now extended considerably. Numerous product variants, including an autoclavable version, make it easy to adapt to completely different applications.

The connection of the new 20/1R planetary gearhead is compatible with its predecessor, the 20/1. When upgrading, the previous gearhead can be replaced with the new model without further changes.