MICROMO has launched the MC3/MCS motion control family.

MICROMO has launched the MC3/MCS motion control family, which are optimised for use with FAULHABER motor technologies.

The FAULHABER Motion Controllers V3.0 are high-performance, intelligent, networked drives optimised for both OEM and automation applications. These high-bandwidth controllers feature 100 microsecond sample time for velocity, position and current feedback.

  • Industry standard network and control interfaces (ethernet fieldbus technology, USB, network communication protocols, CANopen, and RS-232)
  • Robust power stage with extensive transient suppression and thermal protection (up to 10A continuous and 30A peak)
  • Maximum performance and precision from all FAULHABER coreless direct current (DC) motors, brushless DC motors and linear DC servo motors (and high power match up with a wide range of other motors up to 300W on the market)
  • New FAULHABER Motion Manager 6 setup wizard provides simplified use of FAULHABER products
  • Decentralised intelligence provides the ability to save program sequences (up to eight programs can be used over all interface technologies.
  • Users program these movements in Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (BASIC) with Motion Manager 6 in a single axis and create additional programs in network installations.

Three device variants cover different application areas. The Motion Controller MC 5005 and MC 5010 with housing and plug connectors are designed for use in switch cabinets or in devices. Motion control systems, such as servo motors with integrated Motion Controllers, are already pre-configured and make it possible for use directly in the automation environment.

An intelligent module system makes it possible to integrate diverse brushless and brush-commutated DC servo motors into standardised housing. The MC 5004 motion controller is designed for use in existing housing as an open plug-in card. An optionally available motherboard makes it easy to get started in multi-axis applications. All three versions use the same technology basis and offer the same interface options as well as the same operating principle and functionality.

Unrivaled Performance and Flexibility:

  • Multiple velocity and position feedback options (7 options).
  • Digital I/O and analog inputs
  • Controller/subordinate and stand- alone operations available
  • Modular design with three performance classes
  • Available as plug-in card version
  • Optional motherboard as development environment
  • With Ethernet fieldbus technology interface for multi-axis applications
  • Extensive protective and diagnostic functions, status LEDs
  • Expanded supply range with separate electronics supply
  • Improved current measurement