Micromo eCom

In a day and age when you can shop for everything from fasteners to centrifuges over the Internet, shouldn’t you be able to buy a fully optimized micro motor system online? MICROMO thinks so. That’s why we’ve launched our Motion System Selector™.

It’s an extremely powerful, interactive parametric search tool that helps OEMs and design engineers quickly and easily specify and analyze hundreds of thousands of different micro motor systems and purchase with the click of a mouse. With 24/7 access, users can instantly find their ideal solution from our on-site inventory of over 104,000 product configurations and, in many cases, expect delivery within three days or less.

Featuring real-time simulations of performance and temperature rise for FAULHABER coreless brush and brushless DC motors, the Motion System SelectorTM gives users the ability to compare the performance of different motion component technologies and complete solutions based on specified constraints and operating points, while exploring the widest range of micro motion options on the market today.

With today’s lean staffing and even leaner budgets, design engineers find themselves pressured to deliver fully optimized designs with shrinking resources. They need to focus their time on their organization’s core competencies and value proposition, not on optimizing component technologies like motion and feedback.

They need to focus on system level innovation. Developed by engineers for engineers, MICROMO’s Motion System SelectorTM delivers a more comprehensive, system-focused experience than any other offering today.

"It’s a simple, intuitive interface," says sales team leader Bob Kish. "It allows users and our application engineers to simultaneously search hundreds of thousands of different systems consisting of thousands of different motors, gearheads and encoders and identify multiple optimized solutions, all in a matter of seconds."

This impressive search tool allows users to choose from a wide array of rotary and linear motion options, including coreless brush DC motors, brushless DC motors, stepper motors, and piezo motors. They can augment the system with a variety of gearheads and encoders. Another critical aspect is the ability to view the results in a sophisticated product comparison chart that displays systems-level performance characteristics.

OEMs don’t want to scan through pages of specification sheets. They want a solution. The Motion Systems SelectorTM lets them quickly and easily arrives at the optimal solution for their specific application requirements. Primary performance selection points include speed (min/max), required torque (min), applied voltage, diameter, length, and encoder resolution.

The comparative performance and technology scope points displayed in the results tables include:

  • Diameter
  • Length
  • Gearhead ratio
  • Encoder resolution
  • Speed at required torque
  • Current at required torque
  • Maximum continuous torque
  • Delivery lead time
  • Price

Decades ago, the FAULHABER coil paved the way for a new industry. Today, the MICROMO Motion System Selector has changed the game with an unparalleled approach to online micro motion technology selection, comparison, and purchase. With today’s lean staffing and tight budgets, every design engineer out there has half a dozen projects, a dozen deadlines, and twice that many people competing for their time and attention. Shouldn’t buying their motors, at least, be easy? With the MICROMO Motion System Selector it is.