PiezoMotor is a leading developer and manufacturer of powerful piezoelectric motors for the medical device industry.

Precise piezo motors for the medical device industry

Simple, precise and small, the motors can replace traditional electromagnetic motors when they fail to meet exacting space and performance demands.

The Piezo LEGS motion systems consist of both linear and rotary motors for six up to 450N. These minimise the total product size, and deliver higher precision in nanometre resolution if required.

PiezoMotor was founded to meet the demands for innovative micro-motor technology. The company aims to enhance and further develop the market for smaller products.

The company develops and manufactures piezoelectric motors.
LL10 is the smallest PiezoLEGS motor with a stall force of 6N.
LR17 is our smallest diameter 17mm rotary motor, with a built-in encoder.
PiezoLEGS is designed in non-magnetic material for both rotary and linear motion.
LR80 is a 23mm rotary motor, with a stall torque of 80mNm.

The need for small, powerful motors continues to grow worldwide, and the manufacturing industry’s demand for higher accuracy drives the need for greater miniaturisation combined with higher precision.

In the medical sector, analytical instruments, valves and manipulators become more advanced and accurate.

Non-magnetic motors

For many applications, conventional electrical motors do not meet the required performance criteria, although PiezoMotor’s small, strong piezo motors do.

Precise down to the nanometre range, the motors respond instantly, and do not suffer backlash problems associated with traditional electrical motors.

There is a growing demand for robots within the medical field such as surgery or taking biopsies, which requires precision, and also working inside a magnetic field, which includes MRI scanners.

Analytical instruments and precision liquid handling systems

PiezoMotor can deliver fully non-magnetic motion solutions. Both linear and rotary piezo motors are manufactured in non-magnetic materials.

Other medical devices provided by the company include eye care instruments, analytical instruments, microscopes, precision liquid handling systems and valves.

Piezoelectric motor controllers

The electronics required to drive and control Piezo LEGS motors are simple, compared with those normally required for conventional brushless electric and stepping motors.

In addition, a conventional electric motor usually requires several assembled parts such as a rotor, stator, ball bearings, and linear screws to make it work.

The size of the motor is significantly reduced, and precision is gained by eliminating bulky and lashing mechanical parts. The motors work without interfering with magnetic fields, which is critical in many advanced applications.

PiezoMotor can manufacture customised piezoelectric motors according to client requirements, by adding sensors, bearings and other attachments if required.

PiezoMotor holds a net of distributors worldwide, and a skilled staff of engineers that can support clients.