Schlaeger is a long-standing manufacturer of mechatronic components. Our product development team custom-designs mechatronic components for you and comes up with innovative solutions featuring optimum quality, thus enabling you to achieve rapid success in your market.

Medical injection-moulding tools

Moulding, mechatronic, magnetic, medical, motion — these are the reasons why Schlaeger features an ‘M’ in its name. Our medium-sized company, with production locations in Bayreuth (Germany) and Hranice (the Czech Republic), is owner-managed and operates in flexible independent business units. The in-house tool shop is experienced in supplying injection-moulding tools to the medical industry, and is committed to quality and speed in implementation.

Mould design for injection-moulding tools

Schlaeger is a well-versed specialist in mould design for injection-moulding tools, including selection of hot-runner systems for the full spectrum of engineering plastics up to PEEK.

Actuator assemblies for valves, pumps and mechanical locking systems

We engineer actuator assemblies for valves, pumps and mechanical locking systems used for fluid handling, air and gas management and many other applications; for example:

Schlaeger facility in Bayreuth, Germany.
Actuator assembly for 5mm stroke valves in engine environment.
Magnetic assembly with full plastic support sleeve inside (metal part substitution).
Micro-injection moulding of hybrid components with two stamped metal components over-moulded with heat-stabilised glass-filled nylon.
Production for electromechanical assemblies with high cleanliness level.
  • Actuators for roll-over bar release system — quick response time and highest safety requirements to save lives in critical situations in the car
  • Hermetically sealed actuators for 5mm stroke on turbocharger applications resulting from an intensive joint development with our customers
  • Magnetic sub-assembly group concept for high flexibility in mass production, enabling our customers to use new manufacturing concepts, save space, and reduce investment and downtime in production

Magnetic assemblies and over-moulded coils

Special features such as magnetic assemblies and over-moulded coils are designed as integrated functions of our products.

Electromechanical assemblies

We apply electromechanical assemblies including assembly steps such as winding, press-fit, resistance or laser welding and 100% EOL testing (electrical, leakage and vision).

Micro-injection moulding of hybrid components

One essential core competence is precision injection-moulding with insert or outsert technology from micro-moulding of 0.01g/part to 1,500kN clamping force.

Schlaeger has developed many innovations within the last 18 months, which have developed from the initial idea to series production. These include:

  • Micro-injection moulding of hybrid metal/engineering plastic components from PA, PPS to PSU linked to 100%-inline inspection with vision systems
  • Highly engineered plastic parts substituting metal components
  • Sealed assemblies, designed to withstand pressurised air or liquids over the full thermo-cycle of the application
  • Highly functional integration using the full spectrum of thermoplastic moulding technologies
  • Integration of metal components such as sintered, MIM and cold-formed parts or permanent magnets

Engineering and validation of mechatronic assemblies

Each single core competence can meet our customers’ requirements, but their combination results in highly specialised engineering and validation of mechatronic assemblies and establishes Schlaeger’s worldwide excellent reputation.

Schlaeger offers its customers tailor-made product development using 3D modelling, simulations and early involvement of sub-suppliers and professional management of supplied material or services (e.g. surfaces and sterilisation).

We guarantee functional samples and rapid prototype services, from pilot production series ramp up to large-scale production.

Process development and design of manufacturing equipment is carried out using scalable solutions, to match our customers’ precise needs.

We set a high value on product and process validation such as dimensional 3D CMM, metallographic analysis, X-ray inspection technology and external cleanliness analysis with audits. As a consequent step we provide our customers with full cleanroom production.

Our highest priority is focused on quality methods, customer requirements and the relevant certifications: QS 9000 (1996) TS 16949 (2009) and ISO 13495 (2011).