Cendres+Métaux has concluded organisational changes of the Luxe & Industry division.

The capacity of the company’s jewellery department will be adjusted following currency issues, as well as a crisis in the watch industry, which requires fundamental realignments. Future activities will focus on the development of an extended range of services in terms of new technologies and materials. Cendres+Métaux will therefore adapt to the changing needs of the watch industry in order to continue to be a competitive partner for major manufacturers.

Chairman, delegate and CEO of the CM Luxe & Industry Division Marco Zingg explains: "We’re expecting that classic gold products such as oscillating weights will increasingly be demanded in other materials in the future.

"For us, this of course represents a structural change in the market, for which we are well prepared, though, by our very broad technological set-up."

The jewellery department has also experienced structural changes. Continued currency issues have led to a sharp decline in contract manufacturing orders. In addition, customers have shifted manufacturing processes consistently to neighbouring countries. Cendres+Métaux’ management estimates this is not just a short-term trend and has therefore decided to adjust the organisational and personnel structures to the new market situation. The personnel measures associated will be cushioned by a social plan that was agreed on with the social partners.

However, the realignment of the CM Medtech Division a year ago has shown its first successes.

Member of the board of directors and CEO of CM Medtech Arne Faisst says: "With the new positioning, we were able to improve the organisation’s performance significantly.

"We are currently working on a series of innovative new products that we will introduce in various markets, starting next year."