For more than 30 years, Isometric Micro Molding has been a strategic and trusted partner in micro injection molding and micro automated assemblies with unparalleled, vertically integrated micro manufacturing capabilities. Today, we are the largest and fastest-growing medical-focused micro molder in North America.

Since we work in microns every day, we serve high-precision medical markets such as diabetes, ENT, ophthalmic, cardiovascular, neurovascular, orthopedic, drug delivery–and more.

At Isometric, we provide a complete end-to-end solution for high-precision component design and micro mold manufacturing–all in-house. Our micro solutions are created through Isometric’s 100% in-house processes of: Micro 3D Printing, Micro Tooling, Micro Molding, Micro Automated Assembly and CT Scanning.

In addition, we mold all thermoplastics, long-term implantable, bioresorbable, fluoropolymers, and API resins. From small parts (<6”) with micro features and/or tight tolerances to micro-sized parts smaller than a pellet of resin, we provide unique, creative, and robust miniaturization solutions. In fact, our customers tell us frequently, “I didn’t know that was possible!”

Micro needle array with 3 micron tips, 0.005” total part thickness for wound closure.
Micro molded cap for drug delivery.
Micro 3D printing with .002” walls for robotic surgical tool.
Micro electronics molded pin.
Thin wall micro molded medical device.
Micro molded medical device with thin wall, micro features, and needle tip.
Micro molded flouropolymer for ENT device.
Micro optic lens for medical device application.
Micro cap for cancer detection.
Over molded needle for diabetic blood glucose application.

Isometric successfully creates components through extreme thin wall molding, tight tolerances, complex geometries, insert molding, overmolding, and two-shot molding. We can also take these molded parts and assemble through a large variety of secondary operations with our world-class micro automation assemblies, holding positional accuracy down to one micron. Our micro assembly solutions reduce bioburden and labor while 100% inspecting critical features and providing our customers Industry 4.0 data.

Our Unparalleled Micro Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Less evasive devices through extreme thin wall molding
  • Precision that enables micro functionality for medical technology advancements in small scale space
  • True part design miniaturization–smaller than a pellet of resin
  • Successfully fill high aspect ratio flow lengths
  • Molding with virtually no draft & unimaginable tight tolerances
  • Assembly positional accuracy of 1 micron
  • Functional surface technology
  • Micro holes, micro fluidics, true sharps, and micro barbs
  • Up to 6″ (152.4 mm) sized parts with micro features and/or tight tolerances

Isometric Micro Molding is able to achieve tight micron tolerances and greater project success by designing, building, molding, and assembling the complete micro solution for your project all in-house and under our control.

Through our continual process improvement, we achieve exceptional results in product development, production quality, as well as delivery and budget efficiencies. The ultimate compliment for our dedication to risk mitigation. In 99% of all projects, Isometric is THE sole source for all molding.

When you work with Isometric, you have a trusted partner and team of experts to support you in resins, miniaturization, micro tooling, micro molding, 3D micro printing, automated assembly, and metrology. You’ll also experience unique and proven micro manufacturing problem-solving skills from our highly respected Leadership Team, which is based on over 100 years of combined industry experience.

We are committed to strategic partnerships through transparent and honest customer collaboration. Coupled with our Microns Matter® Proven Risk Mitigation Process, we account for all variables that contribute to the successful validation of your project.

Our ambition for micro innovation means your project will achieve success faster. A partnership with Isometric allows you to unleash your FULL design potential, often thought impossible, to achieve incredible micro solutions.

In-House Capabilities

Isometric Micro Molding is able to achieve tight micron tolerances and greater project success by designing, building, molding, and assembling the complete micro solution for your project all in-house–and under our control.

Our highly specialized competencies and talents in 3D Micro Printing, Micro Tooling, Micro Molding, Micro Automated Assembly, and CT Scanning provide our customers with a full service of vertically integrated capabilities. From initial concept to high volume production, your project is managed by our team that has designed, built, processed and produced parts and assemblies for numerous high-precision markets.

We have specialized equipment to build sub-micron capable molds, presses with specific controls for micro molding, micro automated assembly to keep positional accuracy down to +/- 1 micron, and micron resolution CT scanning to validate components and assemblies all run by a highly experienced staff of experts.

Not to mention static solutions, bioburden reduction, proper handling, assembly, packaging, and measurement without damage or deflection. You can view a portfolio of products at our website (linked at the top of this page).

Industries & Markets Served

For over 30 years, Isometric Micro Molding has successfully provided micro manufacturing solutions, such as medical devices or micro electronics, for numerous high precision markets. Some examples of our customer markets include: cancer treatment, cardiovascular, diabetes, drug delivery/pharma, fluidics/micro fluidics, neurovascular, optics/micro optics, robotic surgery, ENT, women’s health–and more.

Material Expertise

The team at Isometric Micro Molding offers unprecedented experience with processing all filled and unfilled thermoplastic resins including PEEK, as well as bioresorbable, API, and fluoropolymers. Our expertise also includes medical implants and other applications that require multiple materials such as intricate over-molded and 2 shot processes. You can view our extensive list of materials at

Parts 6” or Smaller

Isometric Micro Molding has a long history of precision molding of small parts 6” or smaller with micro features, tight tolerances, and /or thin walls. Our team of experts successfully manufactures extreme thin wall features and/or entire molded components, as well as expertise in sharps, which includes needle arrays.

Micro Sized Parts (smaller than a resin pellet)

At Isometric, we talk microns everyday. In fact, the smallest part Isometric has molded is 1/1,000th the size of a pellet of resin and we are currently working on 3 parts that will be 1/2,000th the size of a pellet of resin, which is 2,000 parts from 1 pellet of resin for scale. The smallest hole that Isometric can manufacture is 0.0007″ (17.78 microns) in diameter.