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microfab is a MEMS foundry and service provider in the field of silicon-based micro-systems technology and a global supplier of customised microsystems, developments and process transfers.

Microsystem component manufacture

The rapid pace of microsystems technology has created new opportunities. Previously unthinkable ideas can now be put into practice through the use of microsystem technology. microfab is the ideal partner for producing microsystem components – both in the form of prototypes and engineering samples as well as in after-transfer to a contract manufacturer of large volumes.

microfab offers services and development resources for MEMS for automotive, communications, medical consumer electronics and other applications. We offer specialised MEMS process technologies and a wide range of modular options, as well as technical guidance and extensive design support.

MEMS technologies and expertise

We provide an unmatched foundation of knowledge and experience, seamless integration from design to fabrication, and technologies in the MEMS world. Our ability to ensure quick, reliable, flexible and uncomplicated implementations of new ideas rests on our broad range of production technologies, state-of-the-art facilities and detailed process knowledge.

Your design of microsystems or special components serves as a basis for us to decide which production technologies are most suited to putting your ideas into practice.

Our vast experience in inter-process synchronisation guarantees maximum production efficiency every time.

MEMS foundry – service provider and more

Our production lines, located in two Class 10 to 100 cleanrooms, feature state-of-the-art facilities that permit wafers of 100mm to 150mm to be processed. With quality as a top priority, we have achieved certification which includes DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, regardless of whether the production volumes are large or small.

microfab applies well-established technologies for wafer processing and manufacturing of customer-based MEMS / microsystems, such as bulk micromachining including deep trench silicon etch DRIE / TSV, surface micromachining based on stress-controlled PECVD and LPCVD thin films, especially Si-rich low-stress silicon nitride, wafer bonding (anodic and silicon direct) or electroplating of gold and other metals and alloys.

MEMS products and services

A wide variety of innovative microsystem developments can be found in the automotive, bio-analysis, environmental and medical, chemical and pharmaceutical, or even the telecommunications industries. Tasks that until recently required considerably larger components can now be performed by highly miniaturised sensors and actuators.

By focusing on DRIE / TSV and surface micromachining processes, microfab has carved a unique position in the MEMS world for its MEMS products and services. Our reference projects include silicon microphones, pressure sensors and ultrasonic transducers, to name but a few.

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microfab Service

Robert-Hooke-Str. 4

D - 28359 Bremen



+49 421 241 00 0 +49 421 241 00 99 www.microfab.de

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microfab Service

Robert-Hooke-Str. 4

D - 28359 Bremen



+49 421 241 00 0 +49 421 241 00 99 www.microfab.de

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